If you are part of the gamer world, know someone in the gamer world, or have been in any way exposed to technology in the past 6 months, you know about the Fallout 4 release. The post-apocalyptic game has all but dominated the minds of open role play gamers since its conception. One local LARP just decided to jump in and celebrate the release with a few demonstrations of their own.

Wasteville is a post-apocalyptic LARP based in Westville, IN. Unlike other LARPs that rely solely on melee weapons, Wasteville also incorporates NERF guns of all shapes, sizes, and modifications.

"What's that? It's cold out and these people are going to stand outside and shoot each other with NERF guns?" you ask.

In return I ask you, what is the one thing that would be even better than an open role play post-apocalyptic video game? Why push buttons when you can actually pull the triggers? What kind of a gamer are you anyhow?!

In all seriousness, you're going to be standing in line anyhow. You may as well be entertained by some post-apocalyptic LARP demonstrations. And if you've never been to a LARP and this seems like it might be a cool idea, then you have a chance to gather all the info you need to attend the next one. In the meantime, you can enjoy the in-depth and humorous role play and battles from a reasonably safe distance at Best Buy in Valparaiso from around 10 p.m. and through the actual release of Fallout 4.

Hint: You can still re-order and pickup tonight as well.

Edit: The owner just informed me that there may not be a battle since he had some cancellations, but he will still be there in garb to share information.


  1. thanks for the write up! here's a link to our fb group for any interested;

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