If you live in or around the Michiana (Michigan/Indiana/Illinois) area, you might be looking for some things for the family to do. I know I want to take my son to some festivals and other events this year, but I always have trouble keeping up with what is going on when it is going on.

I found some decent resources that list events in Indiana as well as Michigan and Chicago. I thought I would share them here so you can bookmark and return to find them all in one place. These should be helpful in planning your summer of 2015.

chicago photo: Cities AfterDarkinChicagoIllinois.jpg Chicago Events for Summer 2015
Chicago summers are basically just one long collection of parades, events, and festivals. There's always something to do in the Windy City even when it isn't summer time, but this schedule of Chicago summer events for 2015 should help you may your summer plans. Add to that the list of free things to do in Chicago and you are good to go.

indiana photo: Indiana Indiana1_map.jpg Indiana Festivals for Summer 2015
Okay, believe it or not, there really are some fun things to do in Indiana. Many of the festivals are based on the planting or harvest season, but there are also historical reenactments and other fun things to do. Check out all the Indiana festivals in 2015. (I know the link says Ohio Festivals, but the owner was kind enough to collect a list of festivals in Indiana as well. However, don't be afraid to look and see what's going on in Ohio this summer either.)

michigan photo: Welcome to Pure Michigan IMG_0866.jpg Michigan Events Summer 2015
Michigan is amazing in the summer. It's colorful and not quite as hot as some of the areas to the south of it. They also put on some fabulous festivals. Take a look at some of the festivals in Michigan for summer 2015. You can look them up by the date to make your summer planning a bit easier.

As for us, we'll be going to LARP, canoeing, and attending various festivals. It's going to be a busy summer!


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