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I was raised in a Catholic household and all of my life, I have loved the beauty and tradition of Catholicism. However, as a spiritual path, it isn't the right one for me even if the new pope is kind of awesome. I don't have a religion, but I do believe there is something bigger than me out there, that we all come from the same energy source and simply change forms once we die. I have raised my son with this belief, though I don't force him to conform to it. I do require him to respect nature and to express gratitude because spiritual or not, those are just the right things to do.

Yet, we still celebrate Easter in our own way.

The celebration of Easter in Christianity is based on the idea that Christ died on the cross and then rose again. I'm not saying Christ did or didn't exist, but I do believe there is every potential for such a man to have existed and been persecuted, and since we all rise in some form after death, I can go with that too. So for me, Easter is about rising above a challenge and appreciating the efforts of others. We celebrate these things more than usual on Good Friday and Easter because that happens to be days set aside by the schools and other organizations so we don't have to miss other days for it. So, if you're interested in doing something similar, below are a few of the things we'll be doing, in case you'd like to do them as well.

Learning about Religion

My goal is to help Hunter explore his own spirituality and how he would like to celebrate it. As such, it's important to learn about religions and the history of them. We'll be watching Zeitgeist: The Movie later today. If you haven't seen it, it's a pretty informative show about the creation and existence of sungods throughout history.

Setting Goals

I think it's important to have some kind of measurable goal. In fact, I have a hard time functioning without one. Today, Hunter and I will set goals to help improve ourselves. Some potential examples are below.

  • Stop complaining. 
  • Unless it's a compliment, don't say another person's name. (This ends gossiping.)
  • Compliment a specific number of people a day.
  • Try something new each week or month.

Does cleaning sound like a horrible way to celebrate a holiday? Why? You're purging, getting rid of things you don't need. That means you may also be giving away things you don't need to people who do need them. Wash away the past so you can see the brighter future.


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