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'Tis the season to help out small businesses, so I wanted to make a place where my lovely author friends can post their books for sale. I'll be sharing this post on Facebook as well, so feel free to either post what you have here, in the comments (with a link) or in the thread on my Facebook walls. Of course, you can always do both.

If you do share what you have for sale, be sure to include a summary, link or other info so people can actually buy it, and what format it comes in. I know that I personally never buy ebooks, but many of my friends and family members do. Happy selling!

For those of you who sell crafts, I'll be making another post later so you can share your wares in that thread.


  1. Dog Aliens trilogy of chapter books for children aged 9-12. Paperback and Kindle on Amazon. First novel in the series:

    Clem is a big dog with a secret: he is an alien from outer space. Every morning, he digs out of his yard to mine jex. He has a hard time keeping the little dogs from stealing his jex.

    Unhappy with the digging, Clem's human abandons him in the mountains, where Clem discovers his talent for manipulating thoughts. This talent comes in handy at the animal shelter, but then Clem goes a little too far with it at his new human's house.

    All the Dog Aliens stories have happy endings, and no dogs ever die in them:

    Dog Aliens Short Story - Kaxian Duty
    Dog Aliens 1: Raffle's Name
    Dog Aliens 2: Oreo
    Dog Aliens 3: She Wolf Neya

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