This Go Fund Me thing is out of control. Too many people are using it to suck the life out of kind-hearted souls who just want to help. That's why I created an honest GFM campaign for writers.

We don't get paid vacations unless we take it out of our savings. That's our choice, right? It certainly is, but while people are creating blatant bullshit campaigns, I thought it might be nice to create an honest one for writers who tend to overwork themselves.

Why me? I am not the friendly, fuzzy face of the Internet, but you aren't going to be sucked into a nice cuddly bullshit persona because I'm giving it to you straight right here.

I don't have a fake cancer. My child is not starving. In fact, he's cuddling his puppies on the couhc while he watches Netflix.

That's right, Netflix. I don't buy cable or satellite because those bills aren't really necessary in my world. For less than $10 a month, either find a show or find something else to do.

I don't have a car payment or live in a fancy house because frankly, I can't afford it and even if I could, I can think of better ways to spend my money. Our current system rewards you for living beyond your means, using credit many people can't really afford instead of living within your means and telling the Joneses of the world to kiss your ass, which I pretty much do.

So, I don't have that social filter that indicates when I should be blowing smoke up your ass. What I do have is common sense and even though it isn't obvious, a kind heart that doesn't like to be pulled for fantasy "how can I scam more money out of people" reasons.

Here's the deal. I know writers who struggle very single day. They work their butts off and they don't try to scam anyone. Because of that, they are busy working instead of sucking up to the Internet. They very rarely get a day off because that could mean a missed opportunity to work and do this shit called EARN money. I think some of those people need a day or two off, and I bet you know a couple yourself.

I created a Go Fund Me for these writers. For every $200 I can withdraw, I'll give a writer, nominated by you, a day off. I'll take one weekend off because I'm one of those writers too, but I honestly can't wait to give someone else a day off and I'll be waiting until I actually need it to take my own.

To nominate a writer, just share a link to some contact info for them in the comments and explain why you think they need a weekend off. I, and a couple of other writers will check them out and do our best to make sure a hardworking individual gets a weekend off, with pay.

That's it. No scheme. No bullshit. Just a weekend off for a writer who can't afford to take one off without a little help. You can nominate here and contribute at this link>> I don't want to work.


  1. I have a long list of nominations but I'll start with Amberr Meadows. She could probably use a day off.

  1. Very cool idea.

  1. Rose Kitchen needs a day off more than anyone I know.

  1. My wife Donna Nolan Wilson NEVER takes time off and I would love for her to get a day or two where we could just hang out without her having to worry about money.

  1. I nominate me! Yup I'm being all selfish- my birthday is on Saturday, I pinch pennies and both write and do transcription for a living and I'd love a day or two without having to worry about how it was going to hurt the budget! I'll also be making a donation because this is a great idea that could benefit a lot of writers!

  1. I second the nomination for Rose Kitchen!

    P.S This is awesome!

  1. I nominate Whitney Simon ! She works though just about everything from migraines to climbing toddlers!

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