Since I started the I Don't Want to Work Campaign, I've gotten a lot of questions about nominations, etc., so I thought I would just make it easy for you to figure out how to increase your chances because this isn't so much a contest as it is just offering random, deserved days off to people who could use them. I hope the information below answers some of those questions and helps bring in some donations.

Q: Can I nominate myself?
A: Certainly. This isn't a popularity contest and chances are good that if you're working all the time, you are doing it quietly, from behind a computer. That means you probably don't have time to live on FB and people may not even know how hard you work.

Q: Should I donate?
A: Yes, without a doubt. I am hoping that this becomes a group effort that catches on. If not, I won't feel like I didn't try. If you donate, then I know you see a need for something like this and you are just as willing to support other writers as they are to support you. The more people who donate, even small amounts, the more people can get a day off. That's really the key to this whole thing.

Q: Who makes the decision about the winner?
A: In the end, I suppose I do, but it's really between myself and two other writers. I'm sure I won't know every writer who gets nominated and I want to give everyone a fair shake. It isn't even based on whether I like you or not. Otherwise, all my friends would get a weekend off, one at a time. And, while some people consider me an asshole, I'm a pretty fair asshole. At the same time, I value the opinion of the other two writers in question, so my assholeness will be tempered with my fairness :)

Don't forget to nominate a writer for a weekend off, donate a few bucks to the I Don't Want to Work Campaign, and share it with your friends. It may not even be limited to writers. Maybe we'll include other entrepreneurs as well.


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