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If you are looking for something to do with your autistic child for Halloween, why not have your own Halloween event? You know best how to create situations that are comfortable for your child. There is also a good chance that other parents who have children that are autistic would want to join in the fun. Instead of working around autism for Halloween, why not work with it? Use what you know about your child and autism to help him or her enjoy this holiday.

Host a themed costume party. When you host a themed costume party, you or your child can pick the theme so you can make it as friendly as you like. For instance, you might host a DC comic character party or a Sesame Street character party. You know what the characters of your theme entail, so use what you know to create an event that will make children with autism feel at ease.

Make decorations part of the event. For children with autism, walking into an unfamiliar atmosphere can be intimidating and might even bring on a feeling of resistance. If you make decorating part of the event itself, the children won't be walking into unfamiliar territory. Instead, they will be creating their own fun zone.

Make texture-friendly, solid dishes. Since a large part of the autistic tendencies involve very finicky eating habits, you may even want to contact the parents of the other guests to learn about their needs, or invite them to bring dishes of their own. Texture is often the problem with foods, as well as shape and the combination of foods, whether by accident or not. Foods that are not completely solid tend to run into other foods on a plate and should be avoided.

Invite people who share your concerns about autism. This party is being held because your child needs to be able to have fun on Halloween while still acknowledging the tendencies of autism. The last thing you need is someone who wants to debate the details. I base these statements on my own experience with children who have autism, as well as their parents. Though an outside viewpoint may be right on and useful to you, a cheerful event is not the place for the kind of debates that can result from the tenderness of this topic.


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