Let's face it, from the time we are very young it seems as if everyone else is more interested in our lady parts than we are. From curious pre-pubescent boys to an entire collection of male government officials who seem to think we don't have enough sense to manage our own vaginas.

Because of this interest and mismanagement, we have limited choices when it comes to what happens to our own bodies. So, when someone points out that if you happen to be able to manage medical issues, you should probably avoid using tools that make them worse, it's time to use the very few tools that are offered to you.

The FDA has "discouraged" using these devices but that doesn't stop medical professionals from doing so and it doesn't help women who don't know any better.

If you have had fibroids removed using this mechanism or you are about to go through this procedure, stay informed and get help. You shouldn't have to trade off one painful issue for an even worse one that could be fatal. Visit the American Recall Center to learn about the resources available to you.


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