I had always been clear about how the first vehicle would be handled. I never wanted Hunter to end up like I did, with something that ran for about a week and no one to help me fix it. However, I also didn't want to spoil him and hand him the keys to something that was newer than I had.

My solution was pitch in as much as Hunter did toward the purchase of his vehicle. That meant he could get something decent and I would help, but not cover the whole cost.

Things changed. Earlier this year Hunter's grandfather gave him a very cool moped. He loved it rode it, and then a line came off and we got busy with other projects, projects that I hired the neighbor to help on. The next thing I know, Hunter and the neighbor are talking about swapping vehicles.

My 13 year old son just made his first car deal on exactly the kind of truck he wanted. No, he didn't have to save money, but he did swap something he really thought was cool. As for me, I'm holding up my end of the bargain by paying for the cosmetic repairs because the truck runs just fine.

Hunter has had one heck of a rough week, and he did a whole bunch of growing up in a very short period of time. In my mind, there probably wasn't a better time for a young man to have a truck to work on and roam around the property with.

What's your plan for your kid's first vehicle?


  1. Aww.... So excited for Hunter! That's a cute truck - perfect first ride. My sons first car was my old red Ford Escort - a hand-me-down. I thought it was pretty worn out but, wow, did I think wrong! My son managed to wear "Betsy" down until she would go no more. Greatest investment I made. We have lots of memories. I pray you and Hunter have great memories with his new boy toy. ;)

  1. Nice truck, Hunter. :)

  1. Dee Baugher Causey
    July 4, 2014 at 11:04 AM

    Hunter's a smart and lucky boy to have such a supportive mother and friends. You're doing a great job teaching him about life and how to survive it.

  1. Thanks you all. He's having a blast with it and handling it really well. (There goes the yard) lol :)

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