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Since Mother's Day was just yesterday, I think it's fairly obvious why my own mother would be on my mind. I think of her from many different viewpoints because I have heard so much about her.

As a child there were a lot of bad things said about her and I always knew that some of them weren't true and some of them just weren't fair. After all, what would people say about you if you made mistakes before you turned 30 and had no chance to reconcile yourself or anyone else with them? I also learned to define other people's characters based on what they said about her. It's all too easy to speak of the dead when they aren't here to defend themselves or even to let you know they aren't as great as people make them out to be. Either way, I know she is with me every day and that my being a writer is part of that.

When I was very young I found a recipe collection my grandmother had made. It was in Polish and I wish I would have engaged a translation service to translate it for me. I would have kept the books and cherished the writing, but it would be nice to know what the recipe said. Part of what was so great about the recipes is that the handwriting let you know there was a love in writing them out. I didn't need a translation company to see that.

Within the same few years I was offered a journal my mother wrote. I knew that she had a love of reading, but before that journal, I had no idea she liked to write. I didn't need a translation service for this one. Her words were clear to me, as were the emotions behind them. Today, and every day that I hear something foul about her I think about that journal and how it was her only defense.

We tend to think that the Internet is the only way we can share our thoughts and we know that once those thoughts are out there, they are there to stay. But there were ways top convey those thoughts before the Internet. Be careful what you say about people because you never know when they have formed their written defense without knowing it. Those journals shed more light on her life than anything anyone else had to say.


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