Every now and then I have a product or service to review just because I've used it and I want to share my experience. Such is the case with

I don't even use cell phone service anymore. I work at home and my son is homeschooled so there doesn't seen to be much point in paying for a service that I might use twice a month when I happen to leave the house for entertainment. Yet I had previously used a cell phone and so had my son. We had a couple of them around the house and it seemed like a waste to do nothing with them. I looked into selling them.

Now I have sold textbooks online so I understood the process that Smartphone-Buyer uses. I sign up, they send me the shipping material, and I ship my phone to them. They receive it, review it, and make an offer that is usually pretty close to what the site says. When you put in your information, you just have to be accurate and you will get an accurate assessment. For instance, if your phone is non-working and waterlogged, you aren't going to get the offer you saw when you checked "working and in good condition".

So, I was honest about the phones (which both happen to work) and the offer was the same when they assessed the phone as it was when I was on the site. The whole process took just a couple of days from start to finish. I would most definitely use them again. They also buy iPods and tablets, so that's something to keep in mind and they do buy non-working items as well. My payment was through PayPal, but they do have a check option. And right now they are doing a Buy Back Bonus drawing, so you can get even more for your phone. One of the prizes is $5,000


  1. Hi would you mind sharing the email they used to contact you? I recently sent them my phone, followed all their protocols, and have sent them many emails, since I received theirs a month stating they received my phone and it was being placed in the queue. Like I said this was over a month ago so I am now sadly thinking this site is a scam. Any information you have on the company would be greatly appreciated!

  1. Hi Danielle. I'm sorry that's your experience. Here is an email address for you. and

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