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I've been putting this review off because I don't like the thing I have to say. That should tell you something right off the bat. But, let's not forget the positives. Al's Pizza in Knox Indiana actually has a great tasting pizza. They also have some fabulous calzones. It's just too bad that they are so willing to try and rip people off because they don't understand how to run the financial end of things.

A few months back I was quoted one price and then charged anotehr when the driver got to my house. Since I was writing a check, I paid the amount I was oringally charged and the drive ran out of the house as fast as she could. Mind you, the price I was quoted was supposed to be my total.

I thought maybe it was just that driver so I gave it another shot. Big mistake.

Last week I ordered a special that was quoted at $15.99, let's say $16 for math simplicity. Even if Indiana charged a 10% tax and the pizza place charged $3 for delivery, that would still only come up to $21.50. My bill on my debit slip was closer to $22. I asked why, but no one knew so I assumed the driver was getting a cut for the tip. That may not be fair to the driver, but since I was already overcharged, I had no plan to pay more.

Then I had an appendectomy and I sure as hell didn't feel like cooking or eating pizza. Since Al's is the only place that makes a calzone AND delivers, I called them again. I ordered the $15.99 pizza special for my son and a $6.49 calzone for me. Somehow, by the time it got delivered, my bill was  almost $29! I asked how much the delivery charge was. The driver told me it depends where I he was standing in my living room.

Note to Al's: If you feel the need to charge a fee for delivery, it should be one fixed rate. Period. That's a how a business is run. Also, adjust your food prices to reflect your overhead like the cost of hiring a driver. This is a small community and you are ruining your reputation over a few dollars at a time.

Note to people ordering from Al's: Get your total before the driver even comes out. I have actually had an experience of  price change between the time I ordered the food and the time it took me to get to the store.

It's too bad that good food is ruined by poor financial management. Al's wouldn't be the first place to price gouge its customers, but that doesn't make it a good practice. Luckily, Al's isn't the only pizza place in Knox...or even the only one that delivers. Gina Marie's has excellent pizzas and though their size descriptions are misleading (try measuring the 16" box that your 17" pizza comes in), at least the prices are the same when you order as they are when you pay.


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