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It makes me sad that some of this needs to be said because it's common sense, but apparently it does.

My son and I went to get some baby ducks at Smith's Farm Store in Knox, IN the other day. As I was at the register paying, a woman cut off the man heading into line behind me and dropped her bag of soil right next to my leg to lean it against the counter. Then she stood shoulder to shoulder with me, waiting for her turn.

I don't have a lot of social skills and even with the best of my friends I still enjoy having my own body space. When I said "Excuse me?", she looked at me as if I was being rude and asked if she had bumped me.

No, I wasn't bumped, but I made it clear that I like some space when using my debit card. She seemed offended. Sadly, this has become the trend.

Body Space
If I (or anyone else) can reach out and touch you, you're standing too close. If I'm in line at the store and I can't fit a cart between the two of us, you're too close. I've had my identity stolen--twice. Screw that. You don't need to be close enough to see my card and you certainly don't need to be close enough to touch me. So if you see me out and about and I leave my cart behind me in line it's because I won't even risk the person behind me being able to take a photo of my debit card for later use. And no, I don't care how old you are. My own grandfather shoplifted in his 80's.

When I came out of the grocery store the other day, my son met me halfway across the lot and demanded that I not leave the cart out, which struck me as odd, because I always put it in the bin or take it back in the store...always.

While my son was sitting in the truck waiting for me, he watched a cart get blown across the parking lot. It hit a car a few parking spaces away, denting the car and taking the driver's side mirror off completely. We made sure to go into the store and let them and the owner know so they didn't have any issues with insurance.

Basic Manners
Really, these things are pretty basic. Treat the store like you would your home. Do you want people in your space with access to your personal banking information? And seriously, an arm length is typical body space boundaries anyhow. My son new that in preschool.

As for the cart, in my home the rule is if you get it out, put it back. How simple is that? It's not that hard to walk a cart to the pen or take it back into the store.

Is it laziness? A lack of common sense? Just so you know, standing shoulder to shoulder with the person who is in front of you in line isn't going to get you through the check out any faster. If I happen to be that person, you're actually going to slow down the process because we are going to have to have a chat before I even think about making payment.

A little courtesy and common sense goes a long way. So does a bit of motivation.


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