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Learning the truth about the highly popular game Candy Crush Saga may not be enough to make you sellyour old mobile phone, but it might be enough to make you find a different game to play with friends.
Candy Crush is a highly addicting game available on almost any platform for mobile devices, Facebook, and several other devices. The game is fun, challenging the player to do sort of logic puzzles to eliminate specific types of candies or accomplish specific goals. It’s one of the top games for mobile devices, and it lets players taunt their friends by broadcasting their accomplishments and sending gifts to help friends beat certain levels. It sounds innocuous, but the reality may be enough to make you sell your mobile phone and swear off gaming forever, or at least anything from, the game’s publisher.
Why would you have such an extreme reaction?
In January, 2014, trademarked the word “candy.” The move makes it so that no one else can use the word candy in the name of a video game – ever. That might be enough to make you just swear off the game if it weren’t just the latest in a line of offensive actions the company has taken. Also this spring, accusations surfaced that had stolen the idea for Candy Crush Saga from another game.
Albert Ransom published a game called Candy Swipe in 2010. He has said the game was in memory of his mother. Like Candy Crush Saga, players had to match three identical types of candy to clear pieces off the board. When released its game in 2012, Ransom tried to fight their trademark, saying it was a clone of his game. His efforts failed.
In 2014, King trademarked the word candy and bought all the rights to an older game called Candy Crusher. Candy Crusher is not like Candy Swipe or Candy Crush Saga at all, but it has an old trademark on the name and King is using that trademark to try to force Ransom’s game off the market.
So, if Candy Crush Saga is your favorite game, you might be tempted to throw your iPhone against a wall in frustration over not only the difficult levels of the game, but also the unsportsmanlike conduct of the publisher. Deciding to sell your old mobile phone over this type of behavior would be an extreme reaction, but it could happen.
A cheaper option might be to just delete the app. You don’t have to sell your iPhone to get rid of bad apps.


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