A while back I posted about a young lady here in Knox, Indiana. Her name was Christina or "Tina" and she was 13 years old. Today Christina is laid to rest.

Like many people, her deepest fear was that she would be forgotten. I can't imagine how incredulous of an idea that was to her parents who are probably fighting hard to remember anything else as they lay their beautiful daughter to rest.

I met Christina once, and that was enough. She was afflicted with cardio myopathy, but she had no self-pity. Instead, she was busy making jewelry, wallets, purses, and lots of other really cool things using duct tape. She even used a push pin to make the holes in her sea shells before she discovered the Dremel tool. That's a pretty serious level of motivation.

While other kids were begging their parents for an upgraded cell phone, drooling over the latest iPod, or trying to convince their parents that there is a reason to pay $70 or $80 for a pair of jeans, Christina was shopping for duct tape and finding pleasure in the simple things that most of us forget about.

She knew her time was limited and she wanted to be productive while she was here.

And she was afraid of being forgotten. She wasn't close to home when she died and she thought that meant people back home would forget her. I have serious doubts about that.

For me, Christina will always represent motivation and appreciation. It seemed to me after talking with her for a while that she just wanted to share some part of herself with the world. She wanted to count in some way and she didn't have time to waste worrying about tomorrow, or whether tomorrow would come. She was living in the here and now and wanting to leave her mark on it.

I hope she knows she isn't forgotten. I hope she knows this community mourns the loss of another child. I hope she knows that she touched lives when she wasn't even trying to, that her light still glows.

If you could just take a moment to remember Christina and if you didn't know Christina, take a moment to think of someone who might feel forgotten, as we all sometimes do.


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