judge photo: Judge judge.jpgMost of us do it every day. We hear something or read something and instantly think that because we are exposed to it, we have a right to judge it. To be fair, we can judge all we want, but it is a colossal waste of time and it only impacts the person doing the judging, not the judged. I do it all the time and it's something I aim to fix.

Just one example: stay at home moms complaining of boredom or messy homes. As soon as I read it I think about all of the things they don't have to worry about that I do have to worry about. Or I try to imagine ever being bored or ever being challenged to keep the house clean while not having to worry about school or work. In my world, none of that makes sense and I not only judge people for it, I find myself resenting the fact that they seem to have such an easy life.

That's the key right there. My life is not their's and visa versa. Judgement is a hard habit to break though, especially when it feels like everything has been a struggle since infancy...and that is exactly the problem.

You know why people who have "had it easy" seem to always "have it easy"? It really is because they don't know any different. They assume that this is normal life and they just go on living it. Meanwhile, the people who have constantly struggled will always constantly struggle unless they do one little thing that is enormous in its implications.

Make judgments about your own life. People shape their own reality. If you assume life is always going to be one way, then it most likely will because in some cases you don't even know there is a different reality. You have to assume that your life is grand before you can start creating that reality. For some of us, that's pretty hard. For the people who have never struggled, it's a non-issue because let's face it, who is going to try to create a reality they struggle in?

Ever since I was little I have enjoyed a gift of being able to see the silver lining. When I was beat, I promised myself I would learn something...anything at all aside from what my abuser tried to teach me. It worked for me and now I just have to take it a few steps further. When I see someone complaining about being bored, I'm simply going to be thankful that I can't remember the last time I was bored. When I see someone complain that they can't keep the house clean, I'm going to nod in agreement and assume that something keeps them as busy as my work keeps me...and be glad I have the work to do.

The more time we spend judging others, the less time we invest in our own success. We're too busy comparing our lives to their's and as a result, we aren't sepnding enough time cultivating success in our own realities.


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