We have established that our schools teach children nothing about how to manage a budget or checking account, much less how to save money. While I'm not a big fan of the banks and I have seen far too many parents taking from their own children's bank accounts, I do think that kids need to learn how to save money. If you think you can't teach your kids how to save because you are already broke, think again. The fact that you are broke is probably the best reason to teach your kids about savings.

Hunter gets $10 a week for allowance, which in the real world, isn't much. But I know I have to teach him how to save money and since I plan to use the 52 week savings plan that is so popular on Facebook, I decided it would be a good idea to have him use it too. I've included the kids version I made here and I'm praying the math is good because I made it this morning before I reached full coffee capacity. You can take a copy for yourself to use with your own children.

Savings Calendar for Kids

The savings plan for kids starts with a mere dime, which just about any kid can find in a sofa, the laundry, or your vehicle. The most they ever have to put in is $5.20, so though this might cut into their slim allowance, it also gives them some motivation to find more ways to earn money. And, if you want to get really serious about a avings plan for kids, check out Piggy Banks to Paychecks by Angie Mohr.


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