I got my electric bill the other day and I didn't cry, vomit, or self-medicate, but all three were tempting. What I did do was take a look around the house and ask myself how much space I really needed.

We have been sleeping in the living room since the last cold snap. The furnace went out before winter really got going so we have been heating the house in sections with electric and kerosene. I'm okay with that because I never really saw the point of trying to heat or cool an entire house if i was just using one or two rooms.

My main concern is obviously keeping us warm, but also keeping the water lines open. This weekend I rearranged my house to create sort of a wall between the kitchen and the living room so that if it got seriously cold again all I had to do was hang some plastic to cut off half the house.

Guess who is now typing with thawed out fingers?

Hunter graciously agreed to let us use his room as our living room/office, so I'm working from his computer and I was thinking that at some point we are going to get on each other's nerves. The I realized we basically live like this all the time, in the same room doing our own thing. It's cool because Hunter and I just work well like that. We're basically both quiet people so that helps us maintain.

The thing is, I think we are better off and it reminded me of when I was a kid.

When I was a kid and moved into my Papa's house, it was cold and we didn't even have hot water. He was on a limited budget so he just shut the water heater off and boiled water when he needed it, which turned out to be not as often as you might think. We also had one of those old one basin sinks so we had a tub in the sink to wash the dishes in. Recently our drain pipes froze here and the water we used was so hot it loosened some of the putty around the drain, so now we have a leak and I am once again reminded of childhood as I wash my dishes from a plastic tub.

There was never a moment when I lived with my Papa that I ever wished to be anywhere else. Not one day goes by now that I don't miss him and wish I was still in that cold house with him, heating up water for dishes or washing.

I live a much simpler life than most and I do worry about bills from time to time, but I love my work and I love the way my business is growing...the people I am networking with.. actually doing what I love. I feel a certain peace within.

We've downsized for sure, but it's not a bad thing at all. Sitting in this room listening to Hunter trying to breathe after laughing so hard at a comedian on Netflix, I felt like I found the right path. And I laughed out loud more today than I have in months.

I went back in time for a moment today and with tears in my eyes I remembered my Papa chiding me a bit as I dried my hair over the space heater at his insistence, shaking a bit with the chill of it and not wanting things to be any different than they were in that moment. Hunter is a wise soul, an old soul, and I'm sure one day he'll look back on this time and smile a bit to himself with the simplicity of it.


  1. I can totally relate! We heat with a pellet stove and 2 edenpur-like heaters. I cannot really downsize because I have one disabled elderly god-mother in her own room, and anywhere from 3-4 teens and adult kids living here. My office and sewing/craft room are all in my bedroom. The two teens that live here full time have rooms, sort of. The other two share the living room. I leave water running because we have had an extra bad time with frozen pipes this year, and pump issues.
    Still my electric bill went up $80 last month and another $100 more this month. Plus I am paying the final installment of a payment agreement this month. And writing has been slow since the holidays. I have been exploring other income streams but nothing is instant. Energy assistance is slower than molasses in this cold so that most likely will not help me until finances are better. But it is something if we can jump through all their hoops and red tape.
    So I am right there with you praying for spring!

  1. I think we are all ready for some grass and flowers!

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