I remember the days when shopping for winter meant cool new sweaters and switching out the white heels for the black. That was before I became a mom and had responsibilities. Today winter shopping is mainly focused on common sense rather than a change of fashion.

But let's get serious. Most women love boots and I am no exception. However, when you live in the country you are mostly shopping for comfortable boots for women rather than slinky, sexy ones. I'm sure seeing me wander out to the well to make sure the light is on while wearing some kind of high heeled boots would not be the first thing I ever did to get my neighbors to shake their heads in silent wonder, but I actually like warm feet, so I'll try to stick with the comfortable boots for women instead. Hunter is a whole other story.

We live in the country and he works hard to earn hios allowance, so I don't think it's too much for him to ask for a pair of boots. The problem is that I wasn't prepared last year. We're not talking about moon boots here. He wants some hard core boots to get him through winter and beyond. So far we haven't found anything for less than $100.

We'll keep looking fort Hunter's because although I don't care about name brands and things like that, I do care that he has something decent to get him through the winter and that the kids won't make fun of him for. I had enough of that as a child to make up for both of us and I would like to spare him that if I can. As for me, I'll keep shopping for comfortable boots for women because common sense as a mom goes a lot further than anything else.

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