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See the puppies? Aren't they cute? And nothing is more adorable than a wiggling puppy butt...until it serves its function. As cute as puppies are, many of them exist simply because the owner could not afford to get them fixed. Personally I hate the idea that animals need to be fixed while people who shouldn't even be allowed in the same building as children just keep popping them out...but that's me.

Spay Neuter Services of Indiana ran a program earlier this year that offered certificates for people in Indiana to get their pets fixed for $10. Even after the program ends on Dec. 31st of this year (2013), they still offer certificates that allow you to get your pet fixed for $20...which isn't a bad deal either.

What's the catch? You have to be using some sort of assistance which can  range from WIC to TANF and all sorts of programs in between. Conversely, you can also meet the income guidelines. The coupon code is on the Spay Neuter Services of Indiana site, as is the application.

Certain vets in Indiana have joined forces with this non-profit service to offer this discount. They are spread through Indiana, so you will want to look at the vet clinic map to learn which one is closest to you. For those of you who live in Starke County, one of the clinics is located in Plymouth.


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