As I look around me, I sometimes feel alarmed by the very limited information that is offered to people about services they can get in order to move forward with their lives. Taking the GED test is a huge step forward, but many people simply can't afford the test. To that end, I thought I would do some research and share some information about free GED testing.

To begin with, know that you need to take your GED test before the end of the year. In 2013 the GED standards will align with common core standards that are prevalent in public schools. What does this mean for you? It means you may have to know not just limited algebra and geometry, but also trigonometry as well. You're also going to have to know how to write research papers because while the essay used to be based on a description of yourself, it will now be in the from of a research essay. In other words, if you think the test is hard now, you don't even want to know what the future holds. Now you just have to get it paid for so you can do it this year, right? Here we go...

NIPSCO has offered a grant that will cover the cost of your GED. You pay it up front and then they reimburse you for it. If you are in or around Starke County, there are (as of 10 minutes ago) enough funds left to pay for 6-8 tests in this area. In Knox you can go to the Learning Center at 6 N. Shield St. to register on Monday or Wednesday at 3:00, and in North Judson you can contact the library at 896-2841 to learn about classes to help prep for the exam.

What happens when they run out of funds? Well I suppose that depends what you want to do with your GED. For instance, you can enroll at Ivy Tech before you get your GED and use some of your financial aid to obtain the GED. In the meantime you can be getting a head start on your college education. (Also note that Ivy Tech has scholarships for people who earn an honors GED.)

Listen, you need to stop saying you'll get it one of these days. It's only going to get harder. At the very least, take a pre-test to learn what you need to brush up on. I'm actually considering offering free tutoring to help people succeed in this area. If you're interested, feel free to comment below with your contact information or shoot me an email at with "GED" in the subject line. Seriously people, it isn't getting any easier out there and you need every advantage you can get.


  1. Just thought you should know that in order to use the Adult Learning Center in Knox, you have to attend classes prior to them registering you to take the test. Not sure if they charge a fee or not but that sign in their window that says Free GED testing's a lie.

  1.'s not a lie. The classes are part of the package deal. I just had a lengthy chat with the woman who does it in North Judson. Of course there is the red tape of the classes, but I think we all know "free" always means there are going to be some requirements. And honestly, I don't blame them. I wouldn't want to pay for someone to take a test if they can't pass it or don't want to at least TRY to pass it.

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