I have done some pretty extensive work on my kitchen and it always feels like each project is my favorite one. This lattice project though...I've been dying to do it since I put in the new counter tops. Why? Because they were pre-cut so the backs of them are made to go against a wall. Without one, they just don't look right. I also needed some space to hang my pots and pans because my joy of baking takes up a lot of space. I wanted to enclose the kitchen a bit, but still have plenty of circulation and an "open" feeling.

lattice wall

This was super easy and affordable. If you want to do it yourself at home, my material list and cost is below. Of course, decorate and design to your heart's content. As for me, this is the look I had been dying to create and I'm not even done with the decoration part. As for materials, I'm rounding costs.
  • 4 x 8 econo lattice @$10
  • 2 x 4 (I chose cedar, but you an get it much cheaper in different wood) @$6
  • @ 6 screws...already had these laying around and since they don't have to be any special type, you probably do too.)
  • Ivy @ $4
  • Lights @ $6 Note that these are a little more expensive because they are LED and have flowers rather than bare bulbs. Christmas lights would work well too.
  • 'S' hooks $1
First I attached the 2x4 to the counter, then I put the lattice on its side and screwed it to the cabinets as well as the counter and 2x4. Just make sure you hit wood instead of the counter itself. Mine is open so I can clearly see what I'm hitting. Then you simply drop in your 'S' hooks to hold the pots and pans and start decorating. An added 2x4 across the top would also be a good idea if you plan to put a lot of weight on it. You can also seal, paint, or stain the lattice.

All told this project cost me a little over $20, but the lights and ivy decorate both sides of the lattice, so I'm also taking care of the other room, which has an actual scene developing.


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