That's our watermelon/raspberry concoction standing up so proud.
For the first time ever in my life, I bought condoms. What? It's not like my bedroom is a high traffic area. Aside from that, smart women date men who are prepared for 'emergencies'. Anyhow, I felt like the man in the tampon isle. Who knew there were so many choices? All I wanted was the non-lubricated version, size optional.

Now, how did my married neighbor get me to buy condoms, which his wife and I later had a discussion about? Well I'll tell was because he had a really cool tip for me involving alcohol and condoms. Get your mind out of the gutter though. I just wanted to make some wine without buying a ton of materials.

I started off picking a bunch of black raspberries. I juiced them and stopped my niece from trying to use the syrup on her ice cream. Then she juiced and rejuiced and rejuiced some watermelon. We put the juice in containers and added yeast and sugar water. We poured this concoction into some jugs and my son capped them with condoms to use as aerators. It was a fun family project.

Oh, so you are shocked because my son was capping the jugs with condoms? Which part freaked you out? The part about my 12 year old messing with condoms or the part about the family making wine? FYI we love to play around in the kitchen as a family. And as far as my son messing with condoms...he's 12 and not far from the point when he better be comfortable with condoms. If having him cap wine jugs helps him develop a level of comfort with condoms that may help him through that first time of his hands shaking while he tried to prevent me from having to hear the word "grandma" for a few years, I will gladly make wine on a weekly basis.

In case you're wondering, you have to have an aerator to make wine because of the gases that build up during the fermentation process. The condom fills up and you poke a couple of holes in it to release the air. The air goes out but as the condom shrinks the hole gets smaller so you don't have to worry about air coming in. Learn about more fun things to do with condoms!


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