The first question is probably "What is a single woman doing reading a marriage self-help book?", right? Wrong. A marriage is simply a lifelong promise of partnership, which means that aside from any sex techniques, a book that can help a marriage can help any relationship. I have zero social skills, so I'll take all the help I can get. If I happen to be able to apply that to a marriage sometime in the future, well okay then. I fully expected this book to be all bubbles and sunshine filled with the usual tidbits about open communication, pleasing your partner and so forth. I was wrong. The marriage self-help book makes you get active in your relationship. It's not just fluff and the same old same old. It gives you actual steps to take that allow you to see the relationship through the other person's eyes without any kind of confrontation or conversations that inevitably start with "But you always..." like so many marital arguments start. Hell, like to so many arguments start period. You don't have to be married to lack communication skills. Since I had already heard good things about this book, I wanted to see for myself. Now is the perfect time to do it since it's a bargain at only $0.99. I consider it under-priced since the methods used are actually very valuable and would be praised by any counselor. Written in an easy to understand tone, even people who are not avid readers can make use of this self-help book without having to struggle through the terminology.


  1. I loved reading this, I follow Mae Chinn Songer's blog and she among other things is a Marital Counselor and she would be perfect for you to read about. Her concepts on marriage and self improvement are awesome, her blog is at and she has her book coming out soon I think. She's so worth the read. I need to get this book, I just loved your post about it, Thank you!

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