I used to be in awe of the Catholic religion. The beautiful traditions, churches, beliefs...they were all so other-wordly to me. Then I grew up and saw that my spirituality has nothing to do with anyone but me and God.

Now you assume I'm Christian because I used the word "God". Wrong.

I believe that we are all nothing more than a state of energy, which by the cannot be destroyed and can only change forms. And yet, I believe there was a Jesus Christ and there are angels. Did I lose you yet?

I believe so much in energy that I see it as the source of our being. When I look around me and see all the things that have been created, why wouldn't angels be among those things? Why couldn't a man named Jesus Christ be born? And why couldn't all the other sun Gods (because make no mistake, Jesus Christ is a sun God) have existed? If we can manifest things in our minds, they can be created. That's the power of energy.

It was a heartbreaking moment to realize that the face I pictured as "God" may not have been the reason the planet existed. And yet, I took comfort in the fact that "he" did exist, if only because so many people willed it so. I felt like I lost a best friend and gained an enormous amount of relief at the same time. No being was going to send me into a place of fire and brimstone if I didn't behave. That was pure concoction by man to lay down something scary to keeps us in line. It goes right along with selling alms. Really...every single bad thing you have done is swept away because you paid for alms? Does that seem reasonable?

There is a Hell and it's here on Earth. It's the place you take yourself when you wallow in the negativity that exists in your past and present. No more, and no less...and that's quite enough.

I can believe in Angels because I would be denying my own faith in the power of energy if I didn't. Whether we caused them to manifest or they were here before us, does it matter?

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  1. I believe in angels, too!

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