Every now and then I run across someone who is so impressive, they have to be written about. In the past I spent a lot of time being disgusted by the people I know who are just too lazy to work. When I meet someone who shows drive and ambition, it gives me hope for the future. So, let's meet "Tina".

My son was invited bowling the other night by my dad's wife. When we got there, she handed us Easter gifts in the form of really cool pens and pencils decorated as flowers. Hunter also got a wallet and his friend got a coin pouch. I was intrigued because the items were all made out of colorful duct tape. When she told me that the lady who made them was there, I wanted to meet her because I was being polite. (I couldn't buy anything because I already gave the boys all my cash on hand.) So, we walk over there and I am prepared to meet someone my aged. I stood waiting for herto show up at the table. It was then that I was introduced to "Tina".

"Tina" is a 13 year old girl. Why the quotes? Because I only know her name from her email address and she's a minor, so until her Mom says it's okay for me to post her full name, it won't be here.

I sit down to talk to Tina because I am totally impressed with her layout of earrings, pens, pencils, wallets, purses, magnets, and hand-made beads. Note: She makes all of these herself.

Curious, I begin to question her about her motivation and how she got started.

This 13 year old girl informs me without any sign of self-pity or depression, but with a kind of manner that one would use to discuss the weather, that she has cardio myopathy (which she immediately explains is an enlarged heart). I sense that I'm only one of many she has explained this to. Tina says that she has been doing this for two years simply because she can't plsy sports due to her condition, but she needed a hobby and it turned into selling the created products.

Say what? I know grown men who need to support a family and won't get a job because "that's too much like work" or they "aren't taking that kind of pay". Right, starvation and poverty are much better choices. And then there is a 13 year old girl who doesn't have to support anyone. Yet, she developed a hobby that she earns money for...and doesn't have to support anyone.

The best part of the whole conversation was about the earrings. She casually mentions how she was originally using a push pin to create the holes in the sea shells to put on the earrings, but then her dad introduced her to "this tool called a Dremel?" and she now uses that to create her holes.

A push pin? Yes, I'm pretty sure I had to pick my jaw up off the floor because the idea that this girl has the kind of motivation that requires her to use a push pin to drill a hole in a sea shell...well you just don't see that kind of motivation anymore and I am pretty sure she has no idea just what a profound statement that was for her to make.

For now she goes to craft shows and hangs out working on her goods in the Knox Bowling Alley on Thursday nights. She thought long and hard before giving me an email address to share here in case anyone wanted to make a purchase. Please, let her know how profound she is. If you don't buy anything, just drop her an email and let her know how significant this is in a world where so many look for the fast and easy route. Just click on "drop her an email".

Earrings: $5.00
Wallets: $2.00
Purse: not sure
Beads, magnets, and coin pouch: $1.00

Still can't get over the push pin...

These beads already have the mechanism to hang them as a pendant.


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