by Sass Ashe
One of the most difficult things to manage as a mother is carving out time for you. Many mothers find that simple things like taking a bath or finding time to exercise are a challenge, but there are many other instances when you need to have time for yourself. Hobbies and personal interests are important to help you remain well balanced and happy.  I’m sure you’re wondering how you’re supposed to manage to have any interests when you can’t even go to the bathroom alone, but keep in mind that the infant years and the toddler years will go by quickly, and more of your time will become YOU time before too long.

Devoting yourself to your children is a good thing, but just as you can’t find a happy relationship with someone else unless you know and love yourself, you can’t be a well rounded and adjusted mom without taking a bit of time to develop yourself.

Your children won’t be babies forever, when they become teenagers and no longer need (or want) your 24/7 devotion what will you do with your time? Well adjusted moms take the time to develop their own interests, find things that they enjoy and even seek areas of education that will help them feel fulfilled once their children get older.

The Everyday Women site is devoted to all areas of a woman’s life- however it’s aimed at women, not mothers. Now that may sound kind of rude, but the idea is to address all the things that concern women of all ages; except for parenting. Your health, your sex life, your weight, your hobbies and interests are all topics that we discuss on Everyday Women, but we don’t talk about parenting. There are millions of sites and blogs that are about being moms, about raising kids and about managing your family, this site is about YOU!

So if you can grab a few minutes without anyone tugging on your shirt wanting a snack or get bit of time when your kids go on a play date, come check us out and see if you can find something that helps you become more well rounded and adjusted as a woman. You are more than “just” a mom!


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