It can't be helped. The hot topics are mental health, weapons, and autism. I won't even go into the autism thing because if you are uninformed enough to think someone loses it based solely on the fact that they have autism, nothing I do or say can help you.

Let's clear something up about the 2nd amendment though. It was put in place so that Americans can have a militia. A militia exists in times of war on your own country. The Reserves do not qualify, as much as our government would have us think they do. So, as long as every military is carrying assault rifles, yes, civilians need to be able to have access to them. Because...who do you think we are going to need to defend ourselves against? Or maybe you trust our government. That's totally up to you.

Now on to mental health. We're screaming about mental health awareness. Americans basically don't want anyone with a record of mental health issues to be able to get their hands on guns. It looks good on paper, but there are some obvious points that are being missed. This is another case of the people not just handing their rights over to the government, but gift wrapping them with ribbons of gold. Check this out.

Who seeks out mental health services? Are they all "crazy"? Nope. They are actually the ones who are sane because they recognize that their level of functioning might be hampered. This means that the people who would seek help when they need it are going to be banned from arming themselves while those who don't even recognize that they need therapy are able to buy what they want? Seem reasonable to you? Oh, you were thinking of the ones who are never "cured". Okay then.

  • Depression is as common as a winter cold. But, it is a mental health issue and no one is off the radar for it. Or maybe you were thinking of people who had been committed against their will?
  • It's not really that hard to get committed. If you're a minor, or a ward of the state, it's easier for a mental health facility to get custody than it is for a parent. Also, if one adult reports another as dangerous to themselves or others and can "reasonably" prove it, when said adult tries to validate their actions or disprove the intention, they will be calmly nodded at even as the paperwork is processed. (You don't want to upset the crazy person.)
  • Bipolar disorder has replaced "hypertension". Women use to be diagnosed with hypertension on a regular basis, sometimes based solely on the fact that they no longer wanted to have sex with their husbands. Is there such a thing as bipolar disorder? Sure. Though the best way I can explain it is to say that it is the closest thing to displaced personality disorder (formerly known as multiple personality disorder) while still being aware of the other personality. And sometimes, it really is just a case of hormone fluctuations and a general condition known as having a personality that just doesn't fit into this mold we are ever trying to create.
So, I'd like to say that maybe we should only prohibit people from getting weapons if they were not the ones to seek out help themselves. (Let's base this on the idea that crazy people don't know they are crazy, hence someone who seeks out help is not crazy.) But then we are left with those who are forced into therapy. But we can't trust those labels either because people are known to lie and parents are known to force their children into inpatient therapy so they can have a vacation (yes I'm serious and have seen it happen more times than I would like to admit.

So there you go. Better gun control so people with a mental health diagnosis can't get their hands on weapons? One of the stupidest ideas ever.

Take assault rifles off the market? Only if you can promise world peace because the truth is that those weapons were made for killing humans in high numbers and NO ONE needs to own them, civilian or not.


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