My dad and I have been talking more lately, primarily because we are around each other more. It's been interesting. And the other day, completely on accident, he happened to validate my lifestyle for me whether he is aware of it or not.

Through this conversation we are having, we are talking about the things we do in our lives that have nothing to do with making money or keeping up with the Joneses. (Who as I have mentioned before can just suck it. I live my life for me, not them.) He was talking about actually doing something in life...making an impact on the word and knowing you might pay a heavy price for that.

He asked me what I did.

I am about to graduate and become a licensed teacher. I have survived financially through my writing and I like to think that my writing is my current contribution because much of it is meant to make the reader think, rather than to turn them into following sheep. My goal in education is the same. I don't want to just teach kids academics, but teach them to actually think for themselves.When they can do that, the world is wide open to them.

Wealth has never been my goal. Just about everyone I know who makes great money kind of acts like snobbish assholes who offer nothing to the world other than perpetuating the machine of capitalism. I want to know that I did more than that. And let me tell you, on a teacher's salary, I am not even going to be able to do that. And it doesn't matter, because no decent teacher goes into it for the money that for some reason people think is so fantastic. Want some numbers? When I graduate, I will be able to start at around $27,000. Two years from then maybe $30,000 and yet I will be charged with shaping young minds and paid based on my results (which do not factor in whether or not the child or parent actually put in any effort). And I will have a more extensive education than many people I know who make $100,000 or more a year.

And yes, I do tend to roll my eyes when I hear about college students struggling when their way is completely paid for them. And yes, I am disgusted by those who choose a profession based only on money (like so many in the medical field...and thank God for the ones who actually went into it for the RIGHT reasons!).

So I think I am doing something with my life, doing something for life in general if I can open one mind to the idea that if the world sees them as "weird", they are probably doing exactly what they should be. Thanks dad for helping me re-affirm that I am doing the right thing!

So, what is your contribution to life? If you don't know it, maybe now would be a good time to think about it. If you do, then share it in the comments. Your answers might help guide someone else.


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