This school semester brought Hunter and I a whole new way of life and apparently it has kept me busy enough to neglect my blog!

For an amount of years I don't even want to think about, I have been pursuing a degree in education. This semester is the last one for my BA in Elem. Ed./Special Ed. and then I move on to my Masters. While that is cool enough, it didn't really hit me until I finished up 1/4 of my student teaching time on Friday. Since days can be added because of days missed due to weather etc., I'm counting it by what I have accomplished rather than how much I have to go. So, 4 weeks down! And I am so excited...obviously not because of the pay, because it sucks, but because I am a)going to meet a goal I aspired to long ago and b)because oddly enough I am digging this new schedule. And let's not forget c)because then I will be able to write for the fun of it instead of to pay the bills.

Now onto Hunter...

Hunter is far more social than I ever was. And yet, like me, he was never really anxious to join any clubs or anything. He also got bored in school and thanks to one control freak of a teacher, he began to hate a subject he used to love--social studies. All of this was reflected in his grades.

Let me just say that grades aren't a big deal to me. I know plenty of smart people who never made good grades and plenty of not so smart people who made great grades. So when Hunter came home with straight A's, I was really proud of him not so much because of the grades but because he is actually making an effort instead of spacing out or complaining. On top of that, he has joined a Spell-Bowl and a Reading Group. So yes, I am a proud momma!

Now, onto other things...

In just a couple of weeks, the amount I owe on my house will drop below 5 digits. Woot!

There is one more thing that has me glowing with anticipation, but I can't share that one just yet and it is so in-depth that I almost think only a full length book would do it justice. If you hate secrets, just watch for some clues over the next couple of weeks and months. And no, I am not pregnant! lol


  1. It makes me proud simply knowing you. You are amazing, and you are raising another amazing person. Please do continue. :)

  1. Thank you Thomas. But know that if it weren't for friends like you who constantly encourage me, I never would have gotten this far!

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