Sometimes it's hard to say what I want to and convey the things that I want to rather than the first rational response you want to give. If I say I did something wrong, you want to make me feel better. If I say I did something right, you want to compliment me. But the truth is that I have done a lot of wrong and I try to do better than that now. I don't need anyone to sooth my heart in that respect. I try to do that myself by giving to others. And sometimes I am angered by the lack of compassion that we all show to each other as we get lost in our own miseries and fail to see how they are reflected in someone else's eyes. So let me show you something else. Let me show you a child who has done no wrong and has nothing to make up for, but is overflowing with compassion.

You are going to want to give me credit. Don't. He is an old soul all on his own. He has been a miracle from the moment he was conceived. So read below and keep in mind, this is just one day and not even an unusual day for him.

I picked Hunter up yesterday and we went to get some fruit. He raced ahead of me to open the door for me. As we walked through the store, there was a woman in a wheelchair. I didn't notice her any more than I noticed anyone else. I was busy calculating the grocery total in my head. But Hunter noticed her.

While I was comparing milk prices, my son took off behind me. I turned to see that he had gone to help this woman. She was trying to reach something in the cooler with this tool she had. But it was too heavy. Hunter was going to help her, but one man beat Hunter to it. No one else even noticed.

For the rest of the time in the store, Hunter slowed me done. He pretended to look at items near her, always avoiding looking directly at her. He didn't want to embarrass her. He just wanted to be there if she needed help again.

I almost cried, remembering other times he had gone out of his way to help strangers.

When we got to the truck I went to unload the groceries. Hunter asked me if I would please sit in the truck so he could unload the groceries into the truck. He said it was too hot and I should just go sit down and wait for him. I protested. After all, I am healthy enough to put groceries in the truck. But, he pleaded with me. I sat and thought about his random kindness.

As we drove home, out of nowhere my son went into a litany of compliments and wishes that other people could see what he sees in me. I have no idea where this came from, but it just about broke my heart.

Later, when we went to the pharmacy, he found some items that had been ripped open. He took the box to the counter in disbelief. He didn't want to buy anything in there. He just wanted to let them know what had been done. Before we left, he picked out a gift for the neighbor, who has been a blessing to us from day one.

Walking out the door, he picked up the litter that was laying on the sidewalk and put it in the trash can. When we got in the truck he asked me if he was a good boy.

Is he a good boy? Lord, I don't think "good" even touches on that heart of his. I don't believe for a minute that it's because of me, or his father, or any other influence. He has been a compassionate child from the get go.

He deserves better than what I can give him. I can't give him a complete family, and I don't give him near the time he deserves. And yet he takes it all in stride. He's 11 and sometimes he has puberty moments and sometimes he just wants the latest video game.

And sometimes, he is a better person than anyone I know and most certainly a better person than I have been or will ever hope to be.

I just wanted to share this with you because this world is so cruel and cold...and even the heat wave can't thaw the hearts of those unwilling. But sometimes, there is a child acting on his or her instincts that gives us a bit of hope and maybe even chips some ice off hearts long dead. The things he did are simple things, but no one else did them, not even me.


  1. I'm so glad you and Hunter have each other!

  1. Great post

  1. I love this post, it reminds me so much of my son. He's 6, and like Hunter, he is so innocent and truly loves all people. He goes out of his way to try to help others and simply to talk to people. Our children are truly the only hope we have for our future, they understand things that we as adults don't even get.

  1. This made me tear up! Hunter sounds like an angel, and I mean literally an angel ;-) I miss having children around and really enjoy hearing your stories about Hunter.

    Karen Dermody

  1. Hunter sounds like a really special guy. Though you feel you cannot take any credit, I know you must be incredibly proud of him.

  1. Beautiful and touching post! You're doing great!

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