I have to admit I've been impressed by the way the parents, students, and staff came together over an issue that could have meant the end of Oregon-Davis schools in Hamlet, Indiana. In fact, when I picked my son up from the elementary school today, I was reminded by several students to vote "yes" to the tax referendum.

The students can breathe a sigh of relief tonight, even if some of the farmers cringe. The tax referendum passed with 632 votes to approve the referendum and 346 votes denying the referendum. Votes were as listed below.

Oregon 1: 186 yes, 109 no
Davis (Hamlet Fire Department): 159 yes, 93 no
Oregon 2: 171 yes, 81 no
Oregon 3: 116 yes, 63 no

You have to hand it to Hamlet. They have no interest in outside interference. When push came to shove, the community decided to take on a bit more responsibility for the sake of the school. A special thanks to community members like Jayme Goetz, a local photographer who, along with other active community members, went to great lengths to keep the community informed and motivated!

Photo credit: Jayme Goetz, O-D Rally 2012


  1. Thanks again for the article you wrote early that gave the facts. We appreciate that. The figures I gave you last night from the polls didn't include the absentee votes so the unofficial totals were 699 in favor and 383 opposed.

    Big thanks to the Oregon and Davis Twp community for believing in the school and doing the right thing!

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