I had to. And mine's not even an actual double wide. It's to trailers put together, but they aren't even the same size or color. Yes, it is my hillbilly castle. And Hunter and I love it. Since today is Q day for the A to Z blogging challenge, I couldn't think of a more fitting title.

Yes, I am the queen of my double wide trailer. It's better than being the queen of the bitches, right? Although some days...

I thought I would do a brief update minus the pics. And since I lost my camera on Easter, the no pic thing kid of seemed reasonable.

When I bought the place, I got it for a steal. It includes 5 acres, the two trailers, 2 outbuildings, and one pole barn. There's also another well and septic on the property. The roof on the front porch that was added on was literally falling in. My kitchen didn't have a stove or fridge and the linoleum had a large hill in the center of it. The pipes were froze and the water pump was broke. The heating element was out on the water heater. I didn't even have enough counter space to put a dish drainer. One toilet was laying on the floor and the other toilet just doesn't work.

So far, I've fixed the roof and the pump. I replumbed the house bringing the plumbing inside so I don't have to worry about the pipes freezing every year. I set the toilet in one bathroom and haven't done anything yet with the other one. I replaced the heating element in the water heater. Of course I put it in a stove and fridge as well as a washer. I haven't hooked the dryer up yet because I know I would put the clothes in there rather than  hanging them out on the line.

Then there's the kitchen. I have a pretty big living room/dining area. So, I made the kitchen bigger. I put in a new over-sized stainless steel sink with a spray nozzle in the spout. I also added 3 sets of cabinets/cupboards.    Instead of minimal counter space, I now have about 16 feet of counter space. I also added on about 3 feet to my kitchen and put down around 110 sq. ft. of tile.

I also used my king size waterbed frame to build a full size bed for myself. The couch was killing me.

The next move is to take down all the wall paper in the other trailer and get Hunter's room set up. I tried to convince him to take the second bedroom from in this one, which would include its own bathroom. He declined, saying he wanted his "own house". I guess if I was 11 and had that chance, I'd take it too. Mind you, the houses are connected, but he will have his own privacy and I will be spared the video games and accessories that go with them.

So, that's where things are at. The hardest part of all this wasn't any of the work I did. It was the things I learned about some of the people I called "friends". And, even as of just a few minutes ago, I'm still learning more than I wanted to. Agoraphobia here I come.


  1. Not everyone is a jackass. You aren't. Hunter isn't. Surely that must mean that there are more non-jacaksses, right?

    Oh, and I'm ridiculously impressed with your handywoman skills. You rock!

  1. As much as I love my home, I am a homebody, I also love to get out see people. Sometimes it's to visit and sometimes it's just because I need groceries or something else and will chat with the other people I encounter. It usually makes me happier to be home.
    You can love everything about your home and still need and grow by interacting with people. You gotta give of your time to get that back, I guess.

  1. I'm in awe of all your skills - well done, you!

  1. I want pictures!!!!

  1. Sounds like you are making your oasis exactly as you want it to be and Hunter is lucky to have an example of the do it yourself kind (but I hope he's helping as well!). Don't worry about hte friends who've let you down - for every few of those, you find a diamind in the rough and those are the ones to hold on to. Thanks for sharing your Queen-ness with us!

  1. ME TOO i want pics!! ;) this is Jo..i LOVE being home, my days off are "sanctuary"..oh sure..rather romp in the fields and take pics..but home..home is where i can relax..and digest..and give thanks. So proud of your find..your GUSTO is invigorating.

  1. A stainless steel utility sink is no longer an eyesore. There are many designs, widths, and finishes available to the homeowner.

  1. You know we want pictures!! Very impressive handy work you have done in all your effects to make your house a livable and functional home. Kudos to you. ♥


  1. There is a type of contentment in having done the work that transforms something that has good bones, to something that you like. Kudos on your efforts!

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