I've been thinking about doing this post for a while, just because it's so shocking to me.

I didn't think I could care like this again. It gives me hope for the future. And some of you who know the details of my past might understand what a shock this is for me.

You see, I found a new love.

He's handsome. He doesn't expect much from me, though sometimes he does push me for more than I want to give at the moment.

In some ways, he's like any other male in my experience. He wants to be fed. He wants physical affection. He wants to be left alone to do his own thing sometimes. He hogs the couch and sometimes I have to fight him for the remote. He's messy. He's goofy.

But, he differs in one way from every other male I know except for my deceased grandfather. No matter what I do, he never seems to give up on me. He's learned to step away when I'm bitchy, but he doesn't stop loving me or even stop liking me for it. He's amazing. He even loves my son just as much as he loves me.

His one downfall...he has this foot fetish that I'm not too thrilled about. But hey, we all have our little quirks.

Want to see a picture of him?

Sentry with a baby chick
Now, you might not think it's a big deal for me to love a puppy, but it's huge. First of all, I really honest to God thought I could never really care deeply for another living soul. My own had been to bruised. And, since dogs had been a part of some of the abuse I went through as a kid, I have a hard time even hearing some of the sounds they make.

I love this little guy. In fact, I love him so much that last night I had a thought that I've never actually even had about a human being. I went to work and found out I didn't have to be there, so I went out for a bit. But, as I was sitting there thinking about how I really should just go home and start a bonfire, it occurred to me that I should go home because there was someone there that was not only lonely, but was missing Hunter as much as I was and was completely reliant on me to relieve his loneliness. It was humbling.

And to top it off, he appreciates it when I cook him breakfast more than any other male I know ;)


  1. Is that a real chick on his back?

    I'm jealous of both; the fantasy I had there of being in love (I'm married, but, hey, it's been 11 years, the sparks aren't always flying) and now I'm jealous of the dog since I"m allergic but crave one. Not sure why. I mean, it's not like I don't have two little kids running around..

  1. Lol I feel lucky to even love the dog. A man might be more than I am capable of at the moment. Baby steps... lol!

  1. The new guy in your life is a looker!

  1. Your new guy is cute! And just think he's great to cuddle with on those cold nights too!

  1. I was waiting for the punchline and figured it out! That is an adorable dog, btw.

  1. Animals are amazing! They really can heal broken hearts and bruised souls, as well as make the worst of days seem better.

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