I sometimes (okay, frequently) have problems living in the moment. Based on the comments I've gotten, I'm sure I'm not the only one. So, I thought it might be cool to set up some reminders to help out. Here are a few things to  consider when I ...or you start to drift out of the moment. Because life is too short to skip out on the good parts.

Remember, good or bad, this moment is only right now, not the rest of your life.

Set a goal in the morning to increase your awareness of the enjoyable parts of life. Make it  goal to smile at 10 people you don't know, or smell 5 new flowers, or find the top 5 moments of your day.

Ask yourself if you can do anything about what you're worrying about right now. If not, stop wasting time worrying about it.

Walk away from gossip. Negative people only make you feel worse than you need to, and gossip is one of the best ways to spread negativity.

Create a mantra to repeat when negative thoughts threaten to take over.

Force the right thoughts into existence. If you think it enough, you'll bring it to life. Unfortunately, it's much easier to focus on the negative things, thus giving them life. What you assume will happen is usually what happens.

I'm actually in a pretty poor mood today. My feelings are hurt and that's what's on my mind. So I have run out of tips. What do you do to live in the moment or embrace the positives?


  1. Sorry you are having a bad day. Those are all good tips - that are hard to remember in the midst of negativity!
    I write lists, somehow that helps me refocus.

  1. rreally like gthe worrying suggestion. as for smiling at 10 people im lucky if i see one stranger outside of my children daily:))

  1. Living in the moment is a real challenge for most people. I find that I live in the moment most effectively when I'm doing something that I love - and it's difficult to do that often enough sometimes!

  1. Here's a quote I once read or heard: Most of our worrying is about things that never happen. I've discovered that is very true a lot of the time!

  1. Wonderful advice! I hope your day gets better!!


  1. I need constant help with living in the moment. Great tips. Hope you have a better day!

    Amy From the Mom Cave

  1. Someone asked me once, a long time ago, to ask myself "What part of this day will you remember 20 years from now?" Whatever that part is, live it... leave the rest alone. :-)

    Many hugZ!

  1. I am not one to often drift into negativity, but when I find myself heading in that direction, I usually say something to myself like, is this going to matter tomorrow, or next week, or next year? If not, let it go. Is there something I can do to make it better? If not, let it go. If there is, then stop thinking about it and DO it.
    It almost always works for me. I am focused on now and being where I am 100%.
    It makes me happier and I like being happier.

  1. I love the idea of smiling at 10 strangers on a given day.
    When things are going down the tubes, I can always think of my childrens' good health and my own for that matter, which makes me grateful and helps with the little attitude adjustment that I needed. :) Hope tomorrow is better for you!

  1. I stop, breathe, swear, and get on with it. That usually works. ;O)

  1. Nice post. This is one I did on life being too short. Life is too short

  1. Having two of my kids move out and leave home, to where I couldn't see them for a year or more at a time, has taught me to appreciate them. Still have one at home and I remember almost everyday that it's not for much longer. That helps me stay in the moment.

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