You don't think dancing is more revealing than sex? When is the last time you kept your eyes open the entire time you were having sex? Unless you were doing it alone, there wasn't even any kind of free from movement. You're either responding to someone's touch or you're trying to elicit a feel good feeling from them using your own touch.

Dancing is a separation of self from everyone else in the room. You do whatever you want, but you might be doing it alone and the bravery it takes to do such a thing is beyond what I can accomplish.

When I was younger, this Sinead O'Connor song was the one I wanted to dance to. I was locked up, but on a high level so I could stay up late. I would go into the dayroom, turn the TV onto the empty channel that was only blue and I would dance every trouble away. This song has special meaning to me because I felt then (as I often do now) that people were all about making me conform and I was all about the fact that just because the vast majority didn't always agree with me, that didn't mean I wasn't right. Dancing alone at night was my physical release from everything around me.

As an adult, if I'm dancing you can be about 99% sure that I've had a few too many drinks. Even then, if I'm in public it better be a slow dance. And in private..I think I've danced with 3 men my whole life. For an introvert like me to dance with someone in's one of the ultimate signs of comfort with that person. Even then I'm more nervous than I can describe. But when I think of those days years ago and how good it felt to just go with the music...I miss that.

Dancing is more revealing than sex. The entire action is up to the person doing it, completely aside from what anyone else is doing.

On a lighter note, I'm proud to say that my son is not one bit nervous to dance. Of course, my own fears are born of years of hearing about every horrible detail of me there was. In Hunter's case, he's just brave like that and I like to think I have something to do with that every time I tell him how incredible he is.


  1. I think dancing can be very intimate so I understand what you're saying.

  1. Dancing can be intimate, erotic, and part of sex. I have a different take on it than you do, and enjoy dancing immensely. I also keep my eyes open most of the time ;-)

    I used to have Jr. High students come by and practice dancing before their first dance, so that they could find some kind of comfortable means of approaching it when the time came. Most of them made it, and ended up putting me to shame (dance wise) within a year or so.

    I think the emphasis on you with "every horrible detail" had more to do with your fear... sometimes I would just like to smack the ... out of people for being so danged cruel. Maybe it gave you the ability to appreciate Hunter's abilities.

    Nice post either way!

  1. I'm definately a private dancer and occasionally with my husband in the kitchen as he signs to me. On a different note, I've never actually WATCHED myself dance either, so maybe I don't keep my eyes open then... :)

  1. I've always liked to dance. I've never been good at it, but why let a little thing like that stop me? ;O)

    Oh, and I absolutely see what you mean about the intimacy of dancing. A dance can offer a very telling view of a relationship.

  1. This is a great write. I have always said you can tell how good the sex will be with anyone you can watch on the dance floor.
    The movements are similar. The ability to 'feel' the music is similar to 'feeling' your partner. I believe it works.

  1. Great posts with a great comparison. I have never thought about it before, but you are absolutely right on.


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