Every answer to every question we have is just waiting to be found. But most of us don't have questions until it concerns us personally. When it does, the answers are leaping out at us if we just take the time to look around.

I'm a horrible decision maker. Even when it comes to something as simple as decorating a room, I take forever to decided on a color of paint or what lamp to buy. So when it comes to life decisions, I tend to second guess myself...and third...and fourth. That's why I ask the universe. Call it clairvoyance, call it divine intervention, call it whatever you want to, but if you ask, you'll get an answer. All you have to do is listen.

Here's how this works for me and why it's so hard for me to do.

I have an issue in mind. I might be worrying about something I need, a relationship, a parenting doesn't even matter what the issue it. It all works the same. I worry and fret and you know what happens?

Absolutely nothing.

Worrying never fixed anything, but for me, and most other people that sit around worrying about things, it give the illusion of control. We're thinking about whatever it is so we must have some control over it, right? Wrong. The only thing that might happen is that things get worse, say in the form of a stress induced heart attack. It's the letting go that is so hard and yet so easy.

When I figure out that I have to let go of the issue to let nature take its course, it's like a ton of bricks off my chest. It's also like smacking myself in the forehead for forgetting how much relief can be had by this one simple act. As soon as I let go, it's like I have circumstantial clairvoyance. The answer comes to me or the issue is resolved somehow.

Here's a perfect example. Hunter was arguing with me about everything. If I would have said the sky was blue, he would have declared it had an orange tint. I lectured him; I declined to answer questions; I asked him what his problem was. The problem was obvious. He's 11. He's 11 and tons of things have changed in the past couple of months. Finally, I just let go.

Hunter was with his grandmother for a few days last week while visiting his dad. He came home a with a completely different attitude. He expressed how happy she was to have his company and I realized how much I take his company for granted. I'd been so focused on getting things done around here and trying to keep my son from growing into a lazy bum, that I forgot to appreciate his personality and the fact that he's only 11.

I'm not telling you to quit parenting. I'm telling you to remember that the world doesn't revolve around you, but it speaks to you and works with you if you only let it. Our kids are just kids and if we only teach them how to worry and fret, they'll never be able to enjoy the fact that the universe works as a whole, with no aim to cause misery. If we can't open our hearts and minds to it, then we're just working against the current.

Photo credit: Margret Hufheinz-Doring/ Galerie Brigette Mauch Goppingen


  1. It's one reason why we can enjoy our grandchildren more than we actually enjoyed our own children. I know that from experience!

  1. This has such a wonderful message, and I really needed this today. Thank you!!


  1. i like your thinking and i am sure we'd get along just fine... i think the same way...

  1. God, I'm a chronic worrier. Always waiiting for the next shoe to drop. When maybe the first one hasn't even yet....

  1. "Worrying never fixed anything, but for me, and most other people that sit around worrying about things, it give the illusion of control. "

    VERY true! I have anxiety to the point that I get frustrated with myself. It is all about letting go of control, you are absolutely right!

    Successfully Underachieving

  1. I quit worrying many years ago. I learned that giving it to God (or the universe, if you prefer, is my answer to sanity. If something needs to be done, I do it. If there is nothing I can do, I let it go.
    Simple, but you have to know it's taken care of. That's the key.

  1. Could you consider removing your word verification? I will no longer be commenting on any blog that is using them. They are just too hard to read and I have a ton of reading I want to do this month and won't take the time to answer or solve a captcha. :(

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