Recently, I was nominated for an award from Circle of Moms. It's the 2012 Top 25 Single Moms Award. Now here's the part where I get to reveal something personal.

I hate contests. I'm not a competitive person by nature. I just like to do what I like to do and that's that. I don't feel the need to be better or worse than anyone else at it. But, this contest brought out something else in me.

Last year I won the Top 25 Blogs on Single Parenting award. I kind of like that pink badge. I kind of want another one. Every time I see it I feel encouraged. And honestly, I don't get much encouragement for my writing offline. So that little badge kind of tells me I must be doing something right, right?

The last thing I needed was something else on my plate. My home is more like a construction zone than a home at the moment and I have some very intense work to do for school. Not to mention all the aspects of single parenting.

Is this a complaint? No; I love my life because I'm the one making it. It's just a glimpse into my take on the contest thing. And, if you want to vote for me, just click on the badge at the top of the page. You can vote once daily, never at all or once a week. But only vote if you actually think I deserve it because as much as I want to have another badge, I want to actually earn it and I can only do that through you, the reader.


  1. lliking contests or not, it's nice to WIN, isn't it? congrats.

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