I took Hunter out to see Hunger Games, get something to eat and get some things for the house. I thought it was going to be a pleasant evening. And, we did have quite a few laughs, but only because that's what we do when things get weird around us. In the end, I have to say I'm totally disgusted with almost every retail employee we saw today. Here's a rundown.

Hunger Games was a good movie...but it started more than a 1/2 hour late and only started then because someone from the audience went to find out why they were looping previews.

After the movie we stopped at Walmart. I went to the garden section and asked if they had any fencing. Mind you, I didn't specify what kind of why needed it. But, I was told they did, but not what I wanted. I actually asked 3 times what kind they had, and never did get an answer. to Lowes. But first we had to pay. We always park by the garage and pay there. We went there to find it empty. So, we asked 2 employees nearby if they could get someone. We were told that someone should be there.

No shit. Ya think? Finally, after I asked if they could actually DO something, one of the employees went to get the cashier.

And we wait. Walmart...if your employees are going to be hanging out in the parking lot, you might want to close some doors so we customers don't have to hear it when the mechanic yells out that the customer the cashier was told about is STILL standing there. And no, she didn't leave. Seriously. That's the conversation I got to listen to. Special.

We go to Lowes, where 3 employees watch me load up 50 ft. of fencing, first on the cart, then in the parking lot. The last time I bought something large there, a customer in the parking lot actually helped me. Wtf?

Finally, Hunter says he wants dinner from Long John Silvers. This should be awesome.

When we pull up and are greeted, I politely ask for a moment. Sorry, we aren't LJS gurus. We have to look at the menu. Normally, asking for a moment would elicit some sort of response. Not here though. That would have been fine, but nothing else got a response either.

Hunter orders a fish basket with an extra piece of fish. She asked if we wanted an extra; I said we did. Pretty simple, right? Uh huh.

By the time we get to the window, I've shut my truck off 3 times. I can't even imagine how long the people in front of us had been sitting there. When we do get our food, she's dangling the bag out the window like it's some kind of pendulum, then drops my change on the ground.

By the time we left, I'd had enough. So, when we got to the light and Hunter told me he didn't have all his fish, I put the truck in reverse. $4.15 a gallon or not, I was tired of simply accepting poor service. I hear "oh shit" come from my son right before I step out of the truck.

Yes, yes I did go into LJS and inform them that after sitting in line for what seemed like long enough to go through a complete menopausal cycle and being treated so rudely, the least they could do was give me what I paid for.

Here's the thing. I've worked retail. It's ALL about customer service. I treat waitresses etc. the same way I want to be treated. In fact, I'm not even rude enough to do stupid shit like beat my empty beer bottle on the bar or something. There are plenty of people looking for jobs out there. If you can't do yours, let someone else.

And here's a tip: I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me in the past week. If I come from an aisle where I think and item might be and I'm asking you where it is, actually show me where it is. Don't point down the same damn aisle I just came from. Seriously, it's work, okay? Not..."let's see how little I can do and get paid for it".


  1. Yikes. I've worked retail, too, and though it wasn't the best job ever, took some pride in it, no matter how little I was paid. Hope your next experiences are less challenging.

  1. Sadly this happens all too often.

  1. Lowes has some of the worst customer service in that part of the retail market. I always shop Home Depot. An employee will be offering tho help you before you even make it through the doors.

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