I'm looking out my window today, working on articles that I had to get out. They weren't due; I just had to write them. That's always cool when that happens, but there was a catch. My desk is now in front of a window and I can see how pretty it is outside. I'm torn, but I'm getting things done.

Every now and then I go onto Facebook because I've gotten into a pretty cool writer group that helps me develop my wrting schedule better. Naturally I browse posts. Oddly, in a real life situation I don't "browse" anywhere and Facebook kind of reminded me why I generally stay to myself.

I read this thread that was on a topic that's pretty close to my heart. I didn't say anything because it's not a topic I ever care to discuss. But the more I read, the more amazed I am at how cruel people are. I mean, when it comes to making a point, all shreds of decency just fly away. I didn't say anything simply because I didn't want to discuss the topic, but it left me with a sour taste in my mouth.

We've gone beyond wars over religion and money. We're attacking each other individually, without a care in the world. Why? Because technology allows us to forget that somewhere on the other side of that screen is a person with eyes you don't have to look into.

Sadly, people can be like that in real life too, but we aren't exposing ourselves to them by the thousands, so maybe it's not a technology thing. Maybe people are just cruel and selfish to each other and we just think there are more incidents online than in real life because of sheer numbers. Whatever it is, it sucks.

And for the record, all of these attacks on women in politics just makes me sick. I personally don't care if a company offers me birth control or not. It's not an issue for me. But I do think if you're going to take money from the government you need to follow thier guidelines. And yes, if an insurance company is going to offer viagra, they need to offer birth control. They are both the means to the same end.

This whole infatuation with the vagina...who knew it was so fascinating? It gets blamed for everything so much so that a woman can be raped and somehow blamed for it. Maybe the real problem is that the men who would blame us for all of the world's problems just forgot how to be men themselves and are afraid that we women might figure that out. Too late.

Oh yea, I'm against abortion too, but I have never been in the position to have to make that choice, which makes me feel somewhat unqualified to make a decision for anyone else.

I am a single mother, soon to be put into the category of the cause of child abuse is a certain senator gets his way. I have a business and a degree, which is something I thought might be respected, instead it somehow got me and other women like me labeled as whores. And allllll these people on Facebook are just taking all that ugliness and running with it. It's more than I want to see.

So that's my rant and why I needed to take a walk in back. I thought about all of this and thought about the peopl I've been dealing with lately. Everyone is right where they are supposed to be as far as the universe is concerned. It's not for me to forget what and who I'm blessed with in my life. So, instead of looking at the screen, I went and not only looked in my own backyard but took a couple of photos as well.


  1. More than a few times in my life I came to the conclusion that the stork delivered me to the wrong planet... wasn't I supposed to go to the one where people care about each other? It is all that darned storks fault!

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