So much has happened since the last time I blogged that I don't even know where to start. So, let me brush the cobwebs off and catch you up on the things have gone on recently.

I bought five acres with a couple of outbuildings, a pole barn and a home. The home is actually two trailers pushed together, not to be confused with a double-wide, which is two trailers made to be put together. In other words, I now live in a hillbilly castle and I couldn't be happier. So, now you want to know what's to be happy about.

In this time of economic hardship, this single mother with no credit (which is sometimes worse than having bad credit)didn't have a chance at getting a home loan. But I couldn't stay where I was anymore. Some druggies had moved in down the hall and I didn't want my son around them. I also wanted him to be in the country because in my world, a boy needs some country living to become a man.

Within the first week or two of moving in, I found that the water pump needed repaired, the well needed shot (yes with a gun) and every fitting on the water lines leaked. In the middle of all that, my son got a puppy that died of Parvo and I caught the house on fire with the woodburner.

And I thanked God.

I knew there was going to be hard work involved. The powers that be know I'm hard headed and have to learn everything through personal experience AKA "the hard way". I got the property for less than $20,000 on land contract. Apparently that was too easy because these speed bumps (mountains) kept getting put in the way. The final breaking point should have been the one that involved flames coming out of my ceiling, right?


That was when I knew I was blessed. See, normally a trailer that has a flame anywhere in it is going to burn down in a matter of minutes. What I ended up with was a scorched ceiling and a few missing ceiling tiles. Even the lack of running water at that point was a blessing because I likely would have hosed it down and assumed everything was fine. Instead, I had to call the fire department, who hosed it down and tore down enough tiles to see that the flame and smoldering was completely extinguished. We're still in the house and we aren't using the woodburner until I set it up where I want it with the proper piping.

I'm glad the house caught fire. It made me realize how blessed I am and it caught fire while we were awake, another blessing of an event that could have taken our home and our lives. This reinforces my train of thought that we shouldn't get upset by our trials. Rather we should feel blessed that our trials exist instead of something worse happening.

By the way, the house fire also opened my eyes to some other things. I've learned far more about my "friends" than I ever wanted to know, but the fire sealed the deal. The gossip about the fire included tales of the entire back half being burnt down, leaving us with a hanging blanket between us and the outside; I was burning drugs; I was burning excess drugs (which would in turn make me a very poor specimen of a druggie wouldn't you think?); I was making drugs; I started a fire to keep warm (minus the woodburner..and what happened to the furnace?); and finally, one of the people I know burnt my house down. The amazing part was that even though everyone was spewing all of this gossip, not one single person called me to see if Hunter and I were okay. That fact alone says a lot since everyone has my cell number, my Facebook info or other online info and my phone number is listed in the public listing. Sometimes there are things I simply wish I didn't know about people.


  1. Oh wow, I didn't know all this happened! I'm so sorry for the trials you're experiencing (and can definitely relate, as you know), but I also know you're stronger than any of it.

  1. You are fortunate to have the attitude that you do. Many would throw in the towel and call it a day. You have learned to persevere in the face of adversity and that is why you will succeed. As for those "friends," well, now you know. Leave them in the dirt and move on.

  1. Oh wow! I'm happy for you, even with all the obstacles to get through, you maintain a positive attitude and are thankful for what you have. I'm so glad you guys are doing well.

    I'm sorry your house caught fire and all that other stuff. But, if you see it as good, then it's good.


  1. Sounds like it is time to invest some time in a search for new friends... life is seldom boring while living it. I hope the blessings slow down enough so you can breathe.

  1. It's like that saying, "Life is not what happens to you, it's how you deal with it."

    It's important to not let life "happen to you" at all. We can control how we react to everything, how we deal with it, how we remember it. And you are doing SUCH an amazing job of seeing the bright sides of bad events - It makes ME happy just to read your outlook here :)

    Good times come, and they're great - but they pass. Bad times come, and they're hard - but they pass. We can never hold on to any moment in time, good or bad. So I've just learned to accept things, learn from them, enjoy them, and wait for the next adventure that I know is coming soon.

    Good luck to you in YOUR adventure!

  1. Holy crap. Sorry about the ack of line breaks. I have no idea why it's like that. I'll have to see if Blogger will let me fix that.

    Anyhow..thanks so much for reading and for the good thoughts. Sometimes I see myself as the oddball because I love to wear the dresses etc., but I'm also well versed in remodeling and so forth. To me, this was just an affirmation that I know the things I do for a reason. For instance, it's no mistake that plumbing i the area I worked most in and is also the area that needed the most attention here.

    The Universe speaks. All you have to do is listen.

  1. Holy crapanoly, woman! You've sure been through enough lately. I love that you see the upside of all of it and know that you'll deal with things and thrive, come what may.

    The most painful part must have been the reactions of your friends. Those kind of eye-openers might be necessary, but they sure aren't fun. Keep on keepin' know who you are and you are providing Hunter with a wonderful example of what it means to be strong, resilient, and positive. You rock!

  1. Wow, I had no idea! So glad you both are okay.

    Country living is a great way to grow up. I love your can-do attitude. We have our own "money pit" and are always looking for ways to do it ourselves. I appreciate my Internet writing friends (even those writers I don't know) who will teach me, tell me and show me how to fix practically anything.

  1. Great write-up. My families house burned down a year and a half ago and we lost everything we owned. Luckily, none of us (or our pets) were hurt. However, fans of my writing started sending us money through PayPal to help us get back on our feet and replace our 2-year old's clothes and toys. It was a miracle, that is for sure. Glad to see things worked out well for you as well.

  1. Wow, what an experience. I am so glad that as you said, you were awake when the fire happened or you could have lost your lives. I'm sorry, though, that people chose to gossip rather than reach out to you in love.

  1. Kathy - wow! But, I've learned that house fires bring out some interesting information. Ours was started by my daughter in her bedroom because she was trying to sacrifice a cat. Or was it a goat? Maybe it was a fatted calf? Oh, and if that slut mother of hers hadn't been banging every guy in town, it wouldn't have happened (I had been dating someone for 8 months).
    I'm glad you and your little man are safe and keep on keepin' on - you CAN do it!

  1. Oh my goodness, so glad you're all right. What a scary thing! Good for you in seeing the positive and keeping such a good attitude. And it's amazing how people will gossip, isn't it?

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