My friends and I joke that I have writer's ADHD. I'm not sure if it's writer's, mother's, woman's, or maybe I'm just totally messed up. But, since I had to try out some coding on my blog, I though I may as well give you a glimpse into this scattered thing that is my mind.

I'm working on my homework and a parenting article at the same time. I went to get a drink out of the fridge and I knocked something off the cabinet. I pick it up and declare how I can't wait until we can use the entire house. This gets me thinking about what exactly I'm going to do with this house and how exactly I'm going to get all the furniture from the barn to the house by myself.

Which reminds me; am I going to set up my kind size waterbed or buy a queen bed? Does it really matter? I'm probably going to be single for life so I may as well set up a sleeping bag. This thought emerges as I take Hunter's sleeping bag out of the puppy's mouth. The article I'm writing happens to be about how parents can help their kids train puppies.

That reminds me I'm supposed to be getting this article done. Back to the desk I go. Wait. Do I even have any queen size sheets? (Now the song "Queen of my Double Wide Trailer" rolls through my head.)

What is that puppy chewing on now?

Get back to writing, without the drink because I forgot it on the counter somewhere between thinking I shouldn't even waste the money remodeling the bedroom and just spend it on Hunter's room. How many pages is this homework assignment supposed to be?

Yea, that all took less than 5 minutes. Welcome to my world.


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