No one encourages me to write fiction like Hunter does. Yesterday I decided to sit down and brainstorm about developing a fun niche that applied to things I'm interested in. As I was brainstorming, my son came to sit by me with his own pad and pen and the most amazing conversation took place because of it.

Hunter is virtually heart broken because I don't write fiction. He loves to write fiction and has already decided that he will not self publish because he doesn't want to be the one handling the marketing end of things. As we talked about my new niche, we talked about various ways it could be incorporated into fiction writing for his poor, fiction-disabled mother. He was really quite helpful and even insisted on some very interesting characters for the story. But, that's not what was really important. As we chatted, I got to know more about not only my son, but the fiction writer that dwells inside of him.

Hunter and I are polar opposite writers. I love round no.2 pencils with cap erasers. He has a collection of pens that no one can touch. I easily write nonfiction with some humor and he easily writes comic strips with drawings. My characters have intricate psychological issues. His are hip and fresh.

I'm not the best writer or mother on the planet, but I can tell you this: If you want to write fiction and you're stuck, go have a chat with your child. Their minds are open to all possibilities and even if you have completely different directions to go in, a chat with a child can help you to see how and why you're on the road you're on. And don't worry about the potential they have to be a better writer than you. Just keep in mind that they'll be the ones picking out your nursing home and you don't want their creativity to lead down the dark road that lands you in some seedy grey hall of medicated hell.


  1. incase you didn't already know, I am a huge fan of your writing and I can't wait to read some of Hunter's stuff when he starts writing.

  1. Thanks Rae! No,I didn't know that, but how cool! I shared this comment with Hunter too :)

  1. That is really cool. My son is a voracious reader. I've been trying to think how to make him leap to writing. Does Hunter have any ideas on how to get an 8 year old book lover into writing?

  1. That's an excellent question. Also a great topic for a post. I think I'm going to interview my son!

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