It started out like any other Saturday evening, with the exception that single mother Kathy Foust didn't have to go to work at her part time job. Her son, Hunter and his friend Chandler were happily devoting their time to the wonders of technology.

Suddenly, Hunter had a thought. His screen was broken on his laptop so he wanted to hook it up to his Superpad. He sought his mother's help, never knowing it might end in disaster.

Kathy was contemplating the connections of the two devices as she helped Hunter search for the power cord to the laptop. It had been so long since it was used that it was hard telling where she might find it. As a last resort, she thought to look in Hunter's room.

The look of fear on his face as she mentioned her plan should have served as a warning to Kathy.

Kathy opened the door thinking that the cord was probably laying near the closet, to the right of the door. As she stepped inside the room she heard a loud "CRACK" at the same time as she felt a harp pain in her foot. Arms flailing, she took another aimless step in an effort to stabilize herself. Somewhere between the Nerf Blaster and the Checkers game, she found a flat piece of flooring.

No sooner had she planted one foot on solid ground than the other one landed on a platoon of Army Men ready for battle. As the mini-M16 penetrated the space between her pinky toe and the one next to it, her last thought was that she was glad the knife collection was put up in a shoe box in the closet.

As Kathy looked up from the floor in shock, anger and pain, her son said from the doorway "That's why I didn't want you to come in here". Had she been able to move...


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