So often I hear that there is nothing to do in Hamlet. Sure, we're a small town with not a lot of entertainment businesses, but as a kid I could always find something to do. Of course, that's back when we used our own imaginations and having fun didn't mean spending money. It's a good thing too because we sure didn't have any! Free entertainment in Hamlet meant getting creative.

Sometimes Hamlet proves itself as the quaint small town. Santa cruises around on the fire truck for all the kids to see during the holiday season and the town has an tree lighting ceremony, complete with Santa and dinner.

Tonight is one of those quaint Hamlet, Indiana nights. Santa will be at the town hall, where the tree lighting ceremony starts at 5 PM. Now, you might be thinking about how cold is it outside and wondering why you should go to the Hamlet tree lighting ceremony. How about just for the fun of it? How about going to be a part of the community? How about people stop complaining about small town living and embrace it?

Too many times people complain about the gossip and lack of jobs in a small town. What would happen if you were just happy to be here? If you can't find work, make your own job. If you get tired of the gossip, walk away from it or stop participating in it.

Of course, there are always the gifts too. Hamlet has over 76% of the population at or below poverty level. Even if you can't afford to give your kids the Christmas presents you want to give them, you can take them to see Santa, where gifts will be given to children 12 and under. After the tree lighting, step inside to socialize, have some Kentucky Fried Chicken and grab a cup of coffee. Not such a bad plan after all is it? Free entertainment for the holiday season!

Oh yea, and if you think my post is corny as hell...I don't care. I played Barbies on the sidewalk on Hamlet Street, the same place that I learned to ride my bike and my son learned to ride his. I climbed the co-op and swam in the Yellow River. We all know what that means...


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