Hunter and I had the day planned and part of that plan was to get our Christmas tree from Hensler's Nursery in Hamlet, Indiana. We went there and ended up turning right back around once we got in the drive.

Did Hensler's offend us somehow, provide poor service or a lack of parking?

Nope. I simply forgot how much people love Hensler's. It was packed, as it normally is on a Saturday in December. That's because Hensler's doesn't just sell trees. They kind of sell the idea of Christmas and the holiday season. And if you want to make your child's Christmas tree shopping in Indiana experience an awesome and memorable one, Hensler's is surely where you want to go.

Beware though. There are signs going all the way down the drive and one of them reads that unattended children will be sold as elves. At 10 years old, my son was actually kind of excited by the idea.

Hensler's is located off of US 30 in Hamlet, Indiana. They have a wide variety of Christmas trees at reasonable prices. You can cut your own, pick your own and have it cut, or pick a pre-cut one and have it shaken and tied for your convenience. And, if you happen to have a brother who is unfamiliar with the process of putting up a Christmas tree *cough*, you might want to let him know not to cut the string that bind the Hensler's Christmas tree until you're ready. They're much easier to put up without needles poking you in the eye.

At any rate, when you take your children Christmas tree shopping at Hensler Nursery, be sure to take them to visit the real reindeer. Visit the Christmas store there too and find some quality Christmas crafts. Some people even make shopping at Hensler's part of their holiday tradition and take a wagon ride with the kids before doing their actual Christmas tree shopping or buying your yearly Christmas memorabilia.


  1. Never in my years have I seen someone put up the Christmas tree still in the net. That is absolutely genius. Wish I'd known that one before this weekend!

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