Veterans Day is the day that kids get to see a whole new side of the people they love. For instance, Hunter calls his grandfather every Veterans Day to tell him thank you. Hunter has a lot of respect for his grandfather because of his status as a Veteran (Yes, I do know it's not supposed to be capitalized. I just prefer to show my respect in this manner) of the Vietnam War.

Hunter sees his grandfather as someone to be respected as a Veteran. He also sees him as a loving grandfather. He doesn't know the other sides of his grandfather because they don't relate to Hunter's perspective.

We see our kids as children with developing personalities. We can even define some of the personality traits they carry. But, we don't know every face of our children just as they don't know every face that we a parents have. It's important to remember that.

Kid need labels. They need to be able to fit us into slots so that they can define us. But, the day they realize that we are more than parents, they may also realize we have personal flaws. I'm a woman, student, writer, mother, crafter and at times, an adrenaline junky who yearns to be hanging off the wing of an airplane with a chute on my back, feet flung behind me as I wait for the signal to let go. Hunter doesn't see this. He sees me as his mother, the lady who should have a laptop surgically attached.

I love Veterans Day. I think that people who make the choice to put their life on the line for a country that doesn't always show appreciation for them deserve at least  day a year of recognition. It just so happens that this year Veterans Day made me think of all the pieces of who we are that we may not see in each other. And yet, we live in a world that's beginning to demand acceptance for every type of person in existence.

Being a mother is the best part of me, but it's not all of me and I have to wonder why we need specific days to appreciate the things that people do and are. Shouldn't we be doing this every day?


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