Knowing that I am in control of how well my day goes has been a hard lesson for me to learn. After all, I can't control the things that other people do, right? It's true that I can't, but I can make the choice to let their actions have an impact on my day and in this respect, I don't suggest you follow my path because I have a remarkable ability to shut people out...and that can make for a very solitary life style. But, I will offer up my methods for setting the scenario for a great day.

As soon as I wake up, I thank God that I did wake up, that I have another day to look forward to. I wake my son up and while he's getting ready, I clean up the house because the nicer the house looks, the better I can concentrate. Of course, the coffee is brewing while I do this.

Next up, just enjoying the few minutes I have with Hunter before school. We sit at the end of the hall and wait for the bus while he sips his hot chocolate and I sip my coffee. Before he gets on the bus, we each say "I love you" and I tell him to have a great day, hoping I have done a decent job of easing any of his anxieties about the day.

When I get back to the apartment, I flip on Pandora and try to view my to-do list as a type of moving forward. Today I want to focus the most on my homework and I see that as moving forward because one of these days, I'll be taking classes to maintain my license, not obtain it.

If I've let someone get in my head, or worse, my heart and they've done things to hurt me, then I need to avoid them until I'm able to deal with the issue without losing control or letting them impact my entire day. I don't hate, I avoid. I recognize that there are those who actually enjoy getting under my skin, but there are also those that don't aim to hurt. It just happens. So, this time gives them some space too.

So, how do I avoid dealing with them? Simple. I avoid social networks and let my eyes glaze over any messages from them. This is the hardest part for most people...taking steps to avoid conflict. It's too tempting and easy to get all upset and blame someone else for it, right? Using my technique is helpful for most people...for a couple of days or whatever it takes for them to regroup. My problem is that after I regroup, I reflect on the potential of the future and so I just never open that door again. Yes, I am always going to live a solitary life, but there's some measure of safety in that and I take comfort in the fact that no matter how much of my time I spend alone, there will always be kids who like me. They seem to flock to me and I love that. I can't see that as something that will ever go away.

So, instead of waking up dwelling on things, go tidy up your morning. Straighten the house a bit while you think about what you're going to accomplish that day. What's going to move you forward? Enjoy your hot chocolate, coffee, or tea with some good music and get your groove on.

And don't forget to eat for success! In my case, a grapefruit does wonder for my energy level and attitude. Make this your day, no one else's.


  1. I agree with cleaning up the house and getting that out of the way. Otherwise you spend the day worrying about it and wishing the house were clean. It's kind of like starting fresh and I should probably do this more often myself.

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