I dislike banks. Period. Always have, always will. But, a couple of months ago I took on a new client who doesn't pay through Paypal! So, I just went to the bank closest to me, trying to keep it local. And really, this bank is so small you kind of have to go out of your way to find it. It's located in the same parking lot as the Hamlet Golf Course office.

I used their ATM the other day...something else I don't normally do. I stupidly left my car in there. No big deal because I've done it before and known people who did it. Usually, you just call the bank, tell them you had a blonde moment and take umpteen pieces of i.d. down there to get the card.

Since I primarily get paid by Paypal and it was my Paypal card that I had left there, you can imagine my relief when the Bank of Indiana teller informed me that yes, they had found my card. Relief turned to shock, then something like horror when her confirmation was followed up with an explanation of how they had destroyed my card.

Really? No, seriously that's not funny shit. You did what?!

I bank there. At this branch. Remember me? I'm the one who waited patiently while you tried to figure out your printer, then went home to wait for you to call me once you figured your printer out. You didn't have a problem dialing my number when I wanted to put my money in your bank. I live a couple of blocks away.

Destroyed. My. Debit. Card.

Thank you. It's not like next week was a big shopping season or anything. Not at all.

And yes, just so you know, I was completely serious when I said I was taking my business elsewhere. Like a credit union. They may even have the same policy as Bank of Indiana when it comes to destroying cards, but I'll still feel good about my money staying within a community.

Seriously? I'm stunned. But, thank you Paypal for having already shipped out my new card. I appreciate the effort.


  1. If it makes you feel better, that's pretty standard banking procedure. I think it's a liability issue for them. They don't have much of a choice. It's happened to me as well-- at a major bank and a local one.

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