Those that know me and know how busy I am are probably wondering why I ever got involved with a new project like Occupy Northwest Indiana. After all, a single mom going to college and working 2 jobs probably doesn't really need another endeavor. You're right, I don't. For me it's been a mental tug-of-war because adding something else to my plate is bound to take time from what's already on it. But, it's not about me. It's far bigger than that.

I'm not an economics major. In fact, I'm pursuing a double bachelor in education/special education, which makes me an obvious idiot if I'm trying to get rich. Indiana teachers start at around $30,000, yet the only people who meet more educational requirements than elementary teachers at the bachelor level are engineers. To make things worse, student performance on test scores is now reflected in teacher's pay. Awesome. So when I have a student whose parents don't care to have them do their homework or take the time to discipline them, it will be reflected in my paycheck. Oh yeah, I'm running up that financial ladder now aren't I?

I've worked for myself more in my lifetime than I have ever worked for anyone else. I did it with my own money on my own time with my own merit. Yet not once has the government ever offered me the multimillion dollar "business loan" that it offered the "real housewives of Wall Street" who, by the way never even had a job, much less a business. But, even letting that slide, let's take a look at something more obvious.

The government used taxpayer money to bail banks out of their own mess. These same banks profited, give out enormous "bonuses", foreclose on homes and say they have to pass that loss of cash onto the consumer (umm..kinda thought you already did when you took the bailout money). Now they raise their rates ($5 to use the ATM...really Bank of America?) and raise the credit requirements to buy homes. But...didn't they just get bailed out because they mismanaged their own funds?

And then there is the whole stigma of it being youth and hippies that are running the show. Thank you media for again failing the American people. There is literally every group represented in this movement, including Veterans, senior citizens, rich kids, professionals, unions...the list goes on and on.

It's not about a bunch of lazy kids wanting a hand out. The fact is that if they wanted free money, they would probably run for Congress where they can have over 50 vacation days, get paid long after their job is done (which by the way, is not based on ANY kind of merit) and vote in their own healthcare plan because they want nothing to do with the one they are trying to shove down the American peoples' throats. And that's just for starters. What about the lobbyists who freely hand out campaign contributions? And we STILL have people screaming that you have to work hard to be a success and people should just quit complaining. If that's the case and you can really benefit from your own efforts in this country, then why do politicians need campaign contributions at all? Shouldn't their efforts speak for themselves?

In short, this single mom is helping out a bit with Occupy Northwest Indiana because she wants her son to grow up in a better world. How could I even look him in the eye knowing that I made no effort at all to change things? I couldn't. That's not who I am nor is it who I ever wish to be. I have always said that people shouldn't sit around complaining, but actually do something even if it's in some small capacity. This..movement..this living thing that is doing nothing but growing has offered me the opportunity to put up or shut up. I've never been one to silence my thoughts, so here we go.


  1. Wow. I give you a lot of credit!! I am one of those mom's that care how my kids do in school and in life. I never realized that if the kids don't do well it affects the teacher's pocket book. I don't have to much respect for politicians these days. They get paid big bucks to screw everything up. While they are living high on the hog, the rest of us are struggling to make ends meet and they still have the balls to fill my inbox begging for handouts. They have more money than I do. Why would any American contribute to their cause when they make tons more money than we do?? If they want re-elected, or help with funding perhaps they should dig into their own personal bank accounts. Great thought provoking post!!


  1. So impressed by you and your courage.

    While not all bankers/stockbrokers are possessed by demons (so to speak), too many them are about making a quick buck, at any cost (to those others than themselves).

    Let them eat cake isn't going over very well anymore.

  1. I love the "Occupy Movement". It reminds me of the "sit-ins" of the late 60's/early 70's. What times those were! Unfortunately, the fight against "the establishment" is an age-old fight that seems to need a rematch ever few decades... In the end, the greedy will still be greedy.... Sad that!

  1. Just found your blog and am glad that I did! I'm newly divorced and a single parent of two that is trying to balance motherhood, career, my coaching business ... and running marathons! Looking forward to learning how to balance it all from you!

  1. Thanks everyone for reading! I want to especially welcome Jaimie because I know how hard it can be to start out as a single mom. I was scared to death and some days I still wonder if I have a clue, but we do our best. Today, I love being a single mom. I sometimes wonder if I have neglected my son in some way by not offering him the ideal "family unit", but then I know I wouldn't want to be a part of a family unit just for the sake of it. What would that teach my son?

    I have a few articles on Yahoo that I think single moms and especially newly single moms would enjoy. So, heads up, humor and truth coming your way!

    Actually I think I'm going to have to put some of these links on the blog...Happy parenting~Kathy

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